Sometimes it’s not about how strong you are, but how tough you are and how much further you’re willing to go than the other guy. Forrest Griffin isn’t a refined martial artist, but a real fighter in body, mind and spirit. His experiences in the UFC, as a former police officer and as a bad-ass redneck provide all the insight you need to learn how to become a much tougher man. Years of fighting may have broken his nose too many times to count, but never his pride or sense of humor, which comes through from his surprisingly witty and humorous remarks about life and MMA fighting.

Proof Rover Pant

What do you get when you combine work utility, incredible durability and a stylish silhouette? In the case of a vehicle, it’s the classic Rover. In the case of a pant it’s also a Rover. Proof’s Rover Pant shares a name with one of the most iconic all-terrain vehicles of all time for that very reason. When you factor in modern upgrades like the gusseted crotch, Sorbtek-infused breathable canvas and a pigment dye that wears in like raw denim with the classic tailored fit, you get a pair of pants that can handle anything. Get yours from Huckberry today.