If there’s one thing we love about Amazon Prime Streaming, it’s that they always have such an eclectic mix of content to offer. They’re seriously stepping up their game in the original content department, we can always count on them introducing all of the best classics and blockbusters, and we’re constantly impressed by their more obscure picks in indie films, documentaries, etc. Luckily for Amazon Prime subscribers, this month seems to be more of the same.

Here are the 10 Best Things Coming to Amazon Prime in August:

Hurt Locker

August 1

Hurt Locker stars Jeremy Renner as Staff Sgt. William James, Anthony Mackie as Sgt. J.T. Sanborn, Brian Geraghty as Specialist Owen Eldrige, and Guy Pearce as Sgt. Matt Thompson—members of an elite Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team tasked with navigating the streets of Iraq (more specifically, Baghdad) and eliminating roadside bombs and other explosive devices along the way. It’s an interesting and sometimes tough look at what the business of modern warfare is like, even if it is a work of fiction.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

August 1

Man, we’re feeling lucky this month. Clerks is coming to Netflix in August, and now we’re learning that Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is coming to Amazon Prime. Hot damn! Jay and Silent Bob made their debut in Clerks, and were popular enough to get their own spinoff after their original appearance. In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the comedic duo learns that a popular Hollywood studio is making a film about Bluntman and Chronic, comic book characters based on the likeness of Jay and Silent Bob. Without being paid for the use of their likeness in the film, and after seeing a lot of trash talk on the Internet, the two decide to take a trip to Hollywood to stop the film from being made and to protect their reputation.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

August 1

Jean-Michel Basquiat is considered one of the greatest artists of our time. Basquiat died of a heroin overdose, but before he left our world, his friend, Tamra Davis, filmed an interview with him in 1986. After his death two years later, Davis locked the film up in a draw and kept it there for 20 years, until she decided to piece together this documentary. If you want to know more about Jean-Michel Basquiat—who he was, what his life was like, what inspired his work—this is the perfect place to start.


August 1

People joke that Nicolas Cage’s acting career is little more than a compilation of him playing different versions of himself, over and over again. But we have to give it to him… his acting as Joe Ransom in Joe is unlike anything we’ve ever seen from him. Joe tells the story of Joe Ransom, an ex-con trying to live a simple, honest life. However, everything changes when he crosses paths with Gary Jones (Tye Sheridan), a kid abused by his alcoholic father for the sake of his sister and mother. As Joe’s instincts transform him into a fierce protector of Jones, a gripping and powerful story about love and friendship unfolds.

The Blair Witch Project

August 1

The Blair Witch Project is a movie about a group of documentary film students who embark on a journey into the Black Hills near Burkittsville, Maryland, in order to shoot a film about a local legend called the Blair Witch. While the young crew is at first skeptical and suspicious about the validity of the Blair Witch, things take a sharp and tragic turn once they enter the woods. Aside from being an overall good horror film, The Blair Witch Project is considered a pioneer in the found film/POV horror genre, which means it quite literally laid the groundwork for films like Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield.


August 1

The scene is 1985, and it seems that nuclear war between America and Russia is imminent. After superhero The Comedian “falls” out of a window to his death, a vigilante named Rorschach decides to investigate. He enlists the help of some of his fellow superheroes, including Dr. Manhattan, Night Owl (Patrick Wilson), Ozymandias (Matthew Goode), Sally Jupiter (Carla Gugino), and her daughter The Silk Spectre (Malin Akerman), and together they uncover a deadly conspiracy to eliminate former superheroes.

Agatha Christie Season 1

August 10

There is almost nothing available about this Amazon Prime Original that drops on August 10, but essentially, from what we’ve gathered, it’s a three-part mini-series about a family trying to figure out who among them is a murderer. Based on that nugget alone, we’re excited.

All Or Nothing: Manchester City

August 17

We’ve been incredibly impressed with Amazon’s All Or Nothing series, which so far has profiled teams like The Dallas Cowboys, The Michigan Wolverines, the New Zealand All Blacks, the Los Angeles Rams, and more. Essentially, the show embeds film crews with these teams to learn more about players’ day-to-day activities on and off the court/field. We see how they live, how they train, what they deal with, and what goes on in their minds daily. Next month, viewers will get an in-depth profile of famed Premier League champions Manchester City.


August 17

Amazon locked down some serious A-listers for their feature film Gringo that’s due out August 17. It stars David Oyelowo, Charlize Theron, and Joel Edgerton, and features performances by Amanda Seyfried, Thandie Newton, and Sharlto Copley—among others. If that, in and of itself, weren’t impressive enough, the movie, a dark comedy-slash-action about a businessman named Harold Soyinka (Oyelowo) who gets caught up in a pharmaceutical company’s deal with a Mexican drug lord, looks incredibly promising. We think Gringo is going to be a huge proof of concept for Amazon, and we’re excited to see where it goes.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

August 31

We’re going to address the elephant in the room right now: Yes, the lead in this show is the same guy who played Jim Halpert on The Office. Only, this time, instead of being a boring paper salesman and all-around nice guy, he’s a… well, actually, he’s another nice guy. John Krasinski plays Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst whose primary job is to sit behind a desk (sound familiar?) and type up finance reports all day. While following the paper trail of a suspicious series of bank transfers, Ryan uncovers a potentially catastrophic terror plot in the works by a man far ahead of the game. Ryan being the only person to know anything about the man is pulled from his office job and pushed straight into the field, engaging in a deadly game of cat and mouse that brings him all over Europe and the Middle East. Amazon, you have our attention.

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