If there’s one thing we love about Amazon Prime Streaming, it’s that they always have such an eclectic mix of content to offer. They’re seriously stepping up their game in the original content department, we can always count on them introducing all of the best classics and blockbusters, and we’re constantly impressed by their more obscure picks in indie films, documentaries, etc. Luckily for Amazon Prime subscribers, this month seems to be more of the same.

Here are the best movies and shows coming to Amazon Prime this month:


October 1

Considered one of the most important horror movies of our generation—and another Stephen King classic, naturally (in fact, it’s based on King’s very first novel)—Carrie is about a polite, quiet, shy girl from a normal suburban town, who attends an average suburban high school, and comes from an obscenely religious home. She’s the butt of every joke and the victim of constant bullying, which is illustrated in a particularly cruel way after she gets her first period at school one day. All of this evil and cynicism comes to a head at prom, after Carrie lashes out in a monumentally terrifying way at some of her classmates for staging a humiliating prank against her. At its best, Carrie is the pinnacle anti-bullying ad of the ages. At its worst, it’s one of the most terrifying suspense horror films ever made. We’ll leave it up to you.

Child’s Play

October 1

A serial killer named Brad Dourif is on the run from the police, and is killed while holing up in a doll factory. Before his death, Dourif invokes a weird voodoo curse that transfers his soul into the body of one of the dolls in the factory. “Chuckie” is eventually purchased by a nice, well-meaning mother for her son Alex, but after a string of murders occur in their neighborhood shortly thereafter, and all the evidence points to Alex, who blames the doll. Of course, no one believes him, until Detective Chris Sarandon decides to investigate. It’s a classic ‘80s slasher flick that’s definitely worth a watch if you’ve never seen it before.

Raging Bull

October 1

One of Scorsese’s greatest films tells the true-life story of Jake LaMotta (Robert De Niro), a former middleweight boxing champion who let his jealousy and rage get in the way of his promising boxing career—and destroy his relationships with the people who mean everything to him. Robert De Niro famously trained and got into pristine shape for the film, and as legend has it, when he trained with LaMotta himself, LaMotta said De Niro was one of the top 20 best middleweight boxers of all time. That determination and dedication shows on-screen, as De Niro’s acting in the ring is lauded as some of the most realistic of any boxing movie ever made.

Full Metal Jacket

October 1

Full Metal Jacket is one of those movies that doesn’t glorify war or the trials and tribulations our servicemen and women go through on the daily. In fact, it’s widely considered one of the most provocative and true-to-life films about war ever produced, as it portrays the lives of an average group of soldiers from their first day in boot-camp, to their time war-torn jungles of South Vietnam—how they lived, what they endured, and what they survived (or didn’t). If you’re looking for a solemn reminder that war is, in fact, hell, this is the film for you.

Let Me In

October 1

Being a kid isn’t easy, and it’s easy to forget how important friendship is to the young beating heart. So, when Owen, a young kid being bullied in school and neglected by his divorcing parents at home, finds a friend in his new neighbor, Abby, it means the world to him. But when Abby’s distant and quiet father disappears one day, and Abby declines Owen’s help and support in the time of need, Owen becomes suspicious and begins to suspect—perhaps unnecessarily—that she might be the reason why.

Although a remake of another film of the same name, Let Me In plays proper homage to the original, borrowing enough details from it to stay true to form, while adding in enough changes to help make it it’s own original film.

Spaced Seasons 1-2

October 1

Before he was Shaun from Shaun of the Dead and Scotty from Star Trek Beyond, Simon Pegg starred in a little British TV show called Spaced with his longtime friend Nick Frost. Spaced is about a couple of strangers (Pegg and Jessica Hynes) who pose as a married couple in an apartment in London. This fast paced and ridiculous clusterfuck of a TV sitcom centers around the couple and their dealings with their strange friends and neighbors, their kinky landlady, and their weird feelings toward each other. It’s an altogether pointlessly good show (a la Seinfeld), but if you want to see Pegg in his prime before all that Hollywood glitz and glamor got to him, it’s an excellent binge-worthy piece of TV history.

The Man in the High Castle: Season 3

October 5

One of Amazon’s most highly acclaimed and talked about Original shows debuts its third season in October. The Man in the High Castle is set in an alternate parallel universe where the Nazis won the Second World War, and together with their ally, Japan, rule the United States. The series is based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, and Season 3 is set to explore what the beginning of the revolution, and the work the resistance does to remind people what pre-war America looked like, in an era where the Nazis are trying to erase America’s pre-war glory. It looks incredible, and if it’s anything like the rest of the series, we’re sure we won’t be disappointed.

Mr. Robot Season 3

October 6

We’re all excited to see Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody in November, but let’s not forget where the world really first saw him on the mainstage: Mr. Robot. Season 3 makes its way to Amazon Prime Streaming in October, and if you haven’t paid attention to Mr. Robot, it’s a show worth watching.

It stars Malek as Elliot Alderson, a cyber security specialist living in New York City who works covertly with a group of cyber anarchists to bring down a massive financial institution, E Corporation. We could write an entire college dissertation on the twists and turns of this unbelievably dramatic show, but if you know it, then chances are you’re already excited about Season 3, and if you don’t, trust us when we tell you that even if you’re not a conspiracy or cyber tech nerd, you’re in for a hell of a treat.

The Romanoffs

October 12

From the genius who brought us Mad Men (Matt Weiner) comes The Romanoffs, an incredibly interesting program about eight different people who claim to be the descendants of Russia’s last great royal dynasty, the Romanovs. From what we gather, each episode takes place in an entirely new place and features an entirely new cast, in order to help drive home how separate and diverse these claimants really are. It looks like it’s going to be one of the best pieces of Original Content Amazon has ever debuted, and might even be an all-time favorite of ours. Either way, we’ll be tuning in.

You Were Never Really Here

October 26

If you were lucky enough to see You Were Never Really Here during its brief stint in limited theatres back in April, then you already know it is one of the craziest performances the world has ever seen from Joaquin Phoenix. Critics have described it as “Taxi Driver meets Drive.”

Phoenix plays Joe, a traumatized Gulf War vet with a violent predisposition who’s made a career out of tracking down missing girls and bringing their captors to justice. After taking a contract to find a girl named Nina, who’s been forced into sex slavery, Joe discovers there’s something much larger taking place behind the curtain. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: You Were Never Really Here isn’t a nice walk in the park film about autonomy and independence; it’s a bloody ball-peen-hammer-fueled lesson in fear and consequences, led by a tortured man trying to bring justice to an ugly and unjust world.


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