A beer a day keeps the doctor away (no really, just one is good for your heart) so why not plan ahead? A Beer A Day: 366 Beers to Help You Through the Year by Jeff Evans replaces your hokey daily meditations with a diary entry about a new brew, it’s place of origin and what events it’s linked to. Learn about all kinds of seasonal beers to celebrate every holiday. It doesn’t get any more beer-formative than a book written by British Guild of Beer Writer’s Beer Writer of the Year. You don’t get a title like that for just sitting on your ass drinking beer… or maybe you do.

Urban19 (1)

 You can’t have a fall evening without a fire. And you can’t have a fire without a Cowboy Cauldron. They’re built from solid plate steel, meaning they’ll last a lifetime or two and they come in four different sizes with elevated basins that can be adjusted to any height. We’re going with The Urbaan Cowboy® because it’s perfect for entertaining at home.  With a 30″ diameter basin, it is more than large enough to have a nice fire, but still small enough to pack into a pickup truck and take it with you.  Can you imagine the envy when we bust this puppy out at a tailgate or the beach? We haven’t seen a more handsome fire. You?  Best of all, Cool Material readers get an exclusive deal.