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Mother's Day

20 Cool Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

20 Cool Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100


This Mother’s Day ditch the chump stuff. The last thing Mom wants is another cheesy picture frame or corny card. Get her a gift that reflects her unique style and great taste. Here’s our list of the coolest Mother’s Day gifts for a cool mom.


Cottage Incense Pot

Unlike you in high school, your mom actually enjoys the smell of incense, rather than using it to mask other smells. So unlike the trippy mushroom shaped incense holder of your adolescence, the Cottage Incense Pot is unique and adorable. With a bit of Japanese simplicity, this handmade cement incense cottage will compliment any decorating style and draw attention with the cute tiny sized smoke stack releasing real nicely scented smoke. $56


Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven

Whether Mom lacks culinary prowess and prefers to go frozen or enjoys whipping up a pizza from scratch, the Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven will save her a ton of time. And when it comes down to it, isn’t the gift of time the most precious thing you could give her? Also, pizza. $45


Fortune Teller Coffee Cup

While your mom might be into reading your horoscope, unless she’s well versed in the ancient Turkish art of reading fortunes from coffee cups, she’s probably not finding the answers to life’s questions at the bottom of a mug. The Fortune Teller Coffee Cup makes it simple. Instead of trying to figure out what every squiggly line of leftover coffee means, your fortunes can be found at the bottom of the cup in plain English. $14


Carrie Bicycle Basket

Even if your mother doesn’t ride a bike she’ll still appreciate the traditional elegance of the Carrie Bicycle Basket, inspired from the type of intricate lace table cloths her mother had. The basket doubles as a tote with a shoulder strap, but we imagine that creative moms would even use this as part of their decor. Available in white, green and black. $70


Splash Umbrella Stand

You may have never really thought about it, but rainy days were hardest on Mom… not only did she have to clean up after you tromped through the house with muddy boots, but she had to figure out what to do with you when you were stuck inside on rainy days. Bring a splash of color into her dreary day with Splash Umbrella stands. A great gift if you’re not really sure what to get her because it’s incredibly versatile—it doubles as a doorstop, bookend or even flower vase so you can’t really go wrong. $79


Pink Leatherman Squirt P4

The do it yourself mom who prefers something a bit more practical (but still feminine and thoughtful) will love the Pink Leatherman Squirt P4 multitool. The Squirt P4 comes with pliers, a straight knife, bottle opener, screwdrivers and more. Its pink exterior and small size may be deceiving, but much like mom, you should never underestimate how tough it is. $30


Color Spectrum Umbrella

If your mother has an artistic flair she’ll love the Color Spectrum Umbrella, fashioned to look like a color wheel. But even if she’s never heard of tertiary colors, she’ll enjoy the vibrant transition of color on this simple and stylish umbrella. Lightweight and convenient with a “clip-less” design. $40


MuNiMulA Wine Tray

A good wine tray should fit a few criteria, it should be space efficient, easy to carry across a room and of course attractive. The MuNiMulA Wine Tray certainly meets if not exceeds your expectations on all counts. With a simple, yet clever design, even a tipsy Mom can easily slide 4 stemmed glasses onto the tray and not have to worry about dropping anything on her carpet she’s spent so much of your life trying to keep you from ruining. The MuNiMulA Wine Tray is available in aluminum, green, orange or deep red. $98


Love, Mom: Poignant, Goofy, Brilliant Messages from Home

If your mother has recently discovered computers, then chances are she’s also discovered email. Now she sends you forwards, silly pictures, special notes and of course, the occasional criticisms. And while you may at times regret ever connecting her modem, secretly you love that she messages you. This book, full of more than 200 emails from moms, will let her know how you feel (and maybe how silly her emails can be sometimes). $13


Starry Night Light up Throw Pillow

Great for the art collecting mom, the Starry Night Light up Pillow may be the closest thing you could ever afford to giving her a masterpiece. But this is obviously much cooler anyway, because the original doesn’t even light up. The stars on the Starry Night Light up Pillow light up when you press on the moon and make a beautiful nightlight. $40



The hip, eco-friendly Mom can appreciate the cute and functional design of the Winepocket, which is made from factory excess. One great thing about the design is that she can’t complain about having one more piece of clutter, since when it’s empty it lays completely flat and could fit virtually anywhere. And without blowing your budget, you’ll still have some leftover funds to buy some wine to go inside. $30


Mocha Dunk Mug

If anyone deserves to indulge a little, it’s dear old Mom. Let her know how you really feel…. that beneath her bitter exterior she’s as sweet as a cookie. Wait maybe that came out wrong… Here’s something that’s warm and sweet, just like Mom. Much better. The Mocha Dunk Mug, much like her son, is cute and clever, but unlike her son, doesn’t leave a mess wherever it goes. $23


Piece of Cake

If mom bakes a mean cake, you know, incredibly moist and delicious, it can be difficult to get the slices from A to B without crumbling into a pile of delicious goo. While you never cared what the result looked like, to Mom, presentation counts. Make cutting cake go easier with Piece of Cake. It slices and lifts the cake, retaining the perfect shape. Now your Mom can’t say you’ve never done anything to try to make her life easier. $25


Puff Soda Tab Purse

Whether Mom is high fashion or a fan of repurposed products, she will adore this unique wristlet. At a glance Puff wristlet looks like a designer metallic handbag that would set you back at least a few hundred, but it’s really an affordable eco-friendly bag that would look great on any occasion. Just don’t tell her it caught your attention because it looks like bad ass chainmail. She may not share your admiration of medieval armor. $63


Reclaimed Tire Boxes

If you think she’ll enjoy something simple and sturdy to keep her valuables in, a Reclaimed Tire Box makes the perfect Gift. Black is of course timeless and matches anything, while the interesting grooves throughout the rubber add unique detail to every box. Eco-friendly, easy to keep clean and best of all, it fits in your budget without seeming like a cheap gift. $39


Nest 8 Bowls

If your mom is anything like our moms, she’s always running out of space in the kitchen. Convince her to ditch the old heavy glass mixing bowls she’s had since the beginning of time and replace them with this Nest set of 8 bowls. The set includes brightly colored mixing bowls, a colander, a strainer (wait, there’s a difference between a colander and strainer?) and 4 measuring cups that all nest for super easy storage. Everything but the strainer is dishwasher safe, making clean up much easier. $60


Mad Mother Psycho Shower Curtain

This gift may not be suitable for every mom, but if your mom happens to be a movie buff with a great sense of humor then this is totally for her. Even if you’re not sure it matches the decor, tell your mom she can just hang it when she has guests that are wearing out their welcome… just don’t be surprised when you visit and it’s hanging up. $25


Sticker Frames

Unique, fun and affordable decorating; Sticker Frames create an offbeat contemporary style that Mom can change on a whim whenever she wants. Because they won’t damage walls or photos you can use them to surprise her on Mother’s day with an homage to the greatest woman in the world. And unlike when you were 5 and drew that mural with crayon, this will be easy to remove from the wall. $20


Recycled LP Bowls

If Mom never really fully adopted MP3s and still seems to be marching to the beat of a different drum, she’ll probably get a kick out of these Vintage Recycled LP Record bowls. These make a cool fruit bowl, or just something to use in decorating. Choose from her favorite genre, like Rock, Country, Jazz, or even 70’s and 80’s pop (shudder). $25


DIY Gift: Clear Flower Curtain

Here’s an eco-friendly and elegant gift that you can swing even if you’re dead broke. All you need is some water bottles and fishing line and some spare time. This simple do-it-yourself gift results in a unique and beautiful gift that mom will absolutely love. The steps are easy: cut the bottom of a water bottle off in a flower shape, punch holes, add string. This gift is the way to go if Mom really loves hommade gifts.

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