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Experience ‘Game of Thrones’ Locations In Real Life With These Airbnb Rentals

Experience ‘Game of Thrones’ Locations In Real Life With These Airbnb Rentals

Want to experience the world of Game of Thrones without having to worry about spending the night somewhere dark and full of terrors? Of course you do. With some assistance from Airbnb, we found rentals in Croatia, Spain and Northern Ireland that will allow you to live out your wildest Game of Thrones fantasies (well, within reason) in close proximity to the real world locations that set the stage for the show.

Dubrovnik, Croatia: King’s Landing

Founded by refugees of Epidaurus in the 7th Century, Dubrovnik, Croatia is a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with gorgeous architecture, high walls and enough old world charm for a king. All those things are why this is one of the perfect host locations for King’s Landing, the epicenter of the Seven Kingdoms and the (until recently) Lannister empire. Even without the CGI rendered buildings of the show you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of everyone’s favorite fictional capital as you take the King’s Landing Dubrovnik tours around the city, soak up some sun by the Adriatic Sea or just enjoy the comfort of one of these two great Airbnbs.


Midsummer Night’s Dream Historic Villa

Surrounded by the historic Dubrovnik gardens with amazing views of the St. Lawrence fortress and the Adriatic Sea, this 18th Century historic villa situated above Old Town Dubrovnik is secluded and private while still being less than ten minutes from all the action, including the beach and the Adriatic Sea. Make sure to bring a portable battery charger because you’re going to be taking a lot of golden hour shots. Stay


Villa Mediteran Dubrovnik

With accommodations for up to 12 guests the Villa Mediteran Dubrovnik checks all the boxes when it comes to living in the lap of luxury. Chiseled stone construction. Large garden terraces. Mediterranean vegetation. Proximity to Old Town and the St. Lawrence fortress. It’s the perfect spot for a king or queen to overlook their dominion… from the comfort of their air-conditioned, wifi-equipped and modern villa. Stay

Girona, Spain: King’s Landing/Braavos

From the 11th century Girona Cathedral to the sprawling alleys of the Medieval Quarter, it’s no wonder that the impressive architecture of the Spanish city Girona is heavily tapped as a filming location for Game of Thrones. Whether you’re adventuring towards the massive cathedral up the same steps Jaime Lannister rode or doing your best “girl with no name” interpretation of Arya escaping the Waif, the Gothic architecture and surrounding landscapes will transport you to a different time.


Casa Mercè

A short two minute walk from City Hall, La Rambla and the monumental center you’ll find Casa Mercè, a recently renovated estate from the middle of the 1800’s with an interior as cool as any huge NYC apartment and an exterior that will leave you feeling like you’re spending time in Qarth. It’s beautiful, charming and perfect for larger family with enough space for up to eight guests spread out over four bedrooms. Stay


Apartment in the Shadow of the Cathedral

The name says it all with this one. Remember those steps we just finished talking about? They’re literally outside your window. The square looks a little different than it does in the show because it’s not actually seaside, but that doesn’t stop this location from being breathtaking. With room for up to three guests in two bedrooms, this spot right on the square is perfect for a small traveling group and is one of the the cheaper Airbnb stays on the list. Stay

Northern Ireland, United Kingdom: Castle Black/The Iron Islands/Winterfell

In addition to having absurdly beautiful landscape shots just about everywhere, Northern Ireland is home base for the Game of Thrones production team. The enormous Paint Hall studio in Belfast–originally a part of the Harland and Wolff shipyard where the Titanic was built–isn’t open for tours when they’re filming interiors for Winterfell, Cast Black, the Great Sept of Baelor or Dany’s throne room in Meereen, but you will find plenty of exterior locations, many with tours, that you can visit. Start with one of these two off-the-grid Airbnbs.


18th Century Irish Stone Cottage

The 18th Century Irish Stone Cottage has everything you could ever ask for in rustic, old-fashioned bed and breakfast vibes. Whatever Tullyquilly Cottage lacks in imposing size it makes up for in modern amenities (wireless, underfloor heating, outdoor hut tub!) and a quaint, countryside location that just so happens to be less than hour from a hunt for the three-eyed raven in the haunted forest at Tollymore Forest Park or Winterfell tours at Castle Ward. Stay


Restored Linen Mill with Waterwheel

Near the northern part of Lough Neagh in the heart of County Antrim (which Belfast is part of) you’ll find Old Stone Mill, a spacious, three level property with 4 bedrooms, space for 8, a functional waterwheel and a host that knows where all the best breweries and Game of Thrones tours are. It’s close to the Giant’s Causeway, Magheramorne Quarry (Castle Black, Hardhome, King’s Landing), Castle Ward and plenty of good golfing if you want to hit the links in between adventures. Stay

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