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The Best Airbnbs for a Surfing Vacation

The Best Airbnbs for a Surfing Vacation

As wise man Jeff Spicoli once said, “All [we] need are some tasty waves and a cool buzz, and [we’re] fine.” Unfortunately, we don’t exactly live in the surf capital of the world, so we spend a lot of our time—far more than we’d like to admit—staring out the window and dreaming of our ideal surf getaways.

As it happens, there are a lot of incredible surf destinations out there for us to dream about, and many of them are more accessible than you’d think. Here are 8 Airbnb rentals for your dream surf trip.

Surf & Yoga Paradise Morocco, Private Double Rooms | Tamraght, Morocco

A lot of visitors to Morocco liken the surfing conditions to the kind of stuff you’d expect in places like Santa Barbara or Santa Cruz. The other cool thing about Morocco is that the swell is good damn near anywhere. The most popular break is a place called Anchor Point, and this Airbnb is located just a short drive away. Of course, it’s also mere feet from its own beach and includes excellent surf right at your footsteps. Of course, Anchor Point is just a short 10-ish minute drive down the road. The little bed and breakfast is absolutely gorgeous, and features 360-degree views of the ocean, a massive shared terrace, WiFi, air conditioning, etc. Visitors describe it as literal paradise, and for $42/Nt., we don’t really think you could go wrong. $42/Nt.

Cabina Surf Coco | Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country. Just imagine an entire country that has almost 800 miles of pristine beaches on either side. Cabina Surf Coco is located on the southern tip of Costa Rica’s west coast, about 20 miles south of Punta Islita, in Santa Teresa Beach. It is home to some of the best surfing in all of Costa Rica, which means the best surfing on the planet. For $57/Nt., you get a room for four guests, situated on the main floor of this hotel located right down the street from the beach. It comes with 2 double beds, a single, and one bathroom, as well as a kitchen with an electric burner, refrigerator, and a coffee maker, too. The neighborhood is very safe, and includes on-site security, WiFi, and even a shared swimming pool. But most importantly, you’re paying pennies for access to literally some of the best waves in the world. It’s certainly not the fanciest place on this list, but if your eyes are on the waves, this place is pretty tough to top for the price. $57/Nt.

The Curly Surf Shack | North Curl Curl, New South Wales, Australia

Of course, you can’t talk dream surf getaways without including at least one Australian spot in the mix. Curl Curl is one of the best surfing spots in all of Australia, and this quaint and cozy little beach bungalow is perfect for those who aren’t looking for anything extravagant. For just $57/Nt., you have access to a private surf shack at the end of a garden, complete with its own entrance, complete with Wifi, a kitchenette, and access to on-site washer and dryer. It’s centrally located to a lot of nice coffee shops and restaurants, and transportation to Sydney can be accessed right from the front door. The rental even includes two beginner boards. One of the hosts, Mike, surfs daily—and is more than welcome to share his “locals only” knowledge with guests. $57/Nt.

Surf Bungalow Padang Beach | Padang Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an unbelievable surf paradise filled with incredible breaks almost year ‘round, and it’s really affordable to hang out and graze there for a little while if that’s what you’re looking for. This private Surf Bungalow is part of a large villa on a two-acre piece of property, and provides guests with unbelievable views of the ocean and surrounding fauna. It has its own attached bathroom, porch, balcony, and kitchen, as well as free Internet for all the Instagram gold you can muster. You have to share the infinity pool, but uh, there’s an infinity pool. There are motorbike and car rentals, as well as local guides and even surf instructors to help you learn the lay of the land, and you’re literally minutes from Bali’s excellent nightlife and food/bar scene, as well as some of the best surfing on the entire planet. $88/Nt.

Costa Dulce Beachfront Paradise, “El Sacjuanhoche” | San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the more low key surfing destinations out there (at least, compared to places like Hawaii or Australia), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t unbelievable. San Juan del Sur is considered the downright best surfing in all of Nicaragua, and for just $110/Nt., you can stay in this gorgeous beachfront rental, literally feet from the shoreline. Located on Playa Escameca, about a half hour south of center Juan del Sur, this literal paradise comes with a master bungalow, a sliding wall that connects to the beach view balcony from the bedroom, a yoga studio, an on-site bar and lounge, a full-service kitchen, and all the perfect waves you can get your board on. $110/Nt.

Wave Garden Sagres | Sagres, Portugal

This spot has surf-shack vibes all over it. Located in a renovated fisherman’s house on the Southernmost tip of Portugal (Sagres), it features a private outdoor area with a lounge and sundeck with sunset views, as well as an outdoor shower, hammocks, and a barbecue. There are three bedrooms that can house a total of seven guests, two bathrooms, a living and dining room area, and a full kitchen. There are surfboards on the premise that you can rent for just 5 Euro per day, and the property is centrally located to all of the bars, restaurants, and awesome surf spots Sagres has to offer (of which there are many). If you’re looking for laid back, low key, and fun, this is it. $115/Nt.

Oceanview Retreat | Stinson Beach, California

Who says you have to leave the contiguous 48 for some incredible surfing magic? This Japanese-inspired all-wood home in the hills surrounding Stinson Beach, California, is the ideal getaway for someone looking to relax in quiet solitude, while also enjoying some of the best local surfing Northern California has to offer. That’s actually what makes Stinson Beach so nice—because it’s north of San Francisco, it’s widely written off by the snobbier tourist types, which means you get a huge stretch of moderate swells all to yourself. The rental is absolutely gorgeous, taking a lot of obvious inspiration from Japanese design. It features a balcony that looks out onto the beach, a Japanese hot tub to relax in after a long day of surfing, and is just a short walk to both the town and the beach. It’s perfect for those Endless Summer vibes. $175/Nt.

Beachfront PIPELINE Solar Home | Haleiwa, Hawaii

This room is by no means inexpensive, and we’re just going to come right out and say it. BUT… For $450/Nt., you’re getting walk-up access to Pipeline, one of the most renowned breaks on the entire planet. You’ll be able to see it from your bed. Aside from being centrally located on Hawaii’s unbelievably beautiful and historic North Shore, the house itself is incredible, featuring 100% solar power, an open floor plan, a massive deck with grill, three queen beds and a bunk (but only one closed bedroom), along with a couch with a pullout bed, outdoor shower, full kitchen, glossy bamboo finishes everywhere, etc. It’s a surfer’s dream with the décor to match. $450/Nt.

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