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Atari Is Building a Line of Video Game Themed Hotels

Atari Is Building a Line of Video Game Themed Hotels

Whether it was Pong, Frogger, Ms. Pac-Man, Missile Command or Space Invaders, most of us grew up on the classic video games available on Atari. And now, one of the most iconic video game brands ever has announced that they’re going to be building video game themed hotels all over the United States. According to Shelly Murphy, founder of the GSD Group and Atari’s partner in the hotels, “Atari Hotels will be the first of their kind in the U.S., offering gamers of all ages the ultimate in immersive entertainment and in every aspect of gaming. We’re excited to be working on this project with such great partners.” The first hotel is slated to break ground this year in Phoenix with additional locations planned for Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Jose. Each Atari Hotel will feature state-of-the-art venues and studios that leverage the latest in gaming, virtual and augmented reality experiences.

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