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Astroland Agency

Astroland Agency

You don’t have to be chums with Elon Musk to actively dream about living on Mars. The Astroland Agency in Santander, Spain wants you to actually prepare for it at a dedicated facility where you will partake in an actual mission meant to simulate life on the red planet. The agency is taking a small group of participants (10) to their Space Center that mimics the harsh conditions of Mars as much as possible on earth. Built within a huge cave, the Center is 50 meters tall and 1.2 kilometers in length, totally isolated from the rest of the world. Intense, expertly designed tests will put you smack in the middle of learning how to survive on Mars. You’ll get an astronaut suit, experience sleep in life capsules and also use the hydroponics lab, autonomous power and water production systems, leisure areas, kitchen, and a gym. Astroland will make a diet specific for you, as well as provide survival kits, a robot explorer, and all the scientific tools you’ll need for your time away. Three weeks before you arrive, you’ll connect with a mentor/trainer for preparatory coursework, and then the extraterrestrial adventure begins.

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