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Toylander Miniature 1948 Series 1 Land Rover

Toylander Miniature 1948 Series 1 Land Rover

Gunning for a Father of the Year award? Want to get your youngins started early when it comes to appreciation of classic cars and iconic design? Toylander has you covered on all accounts with its latest electric toy car—the Toylander 1, miniature replica of the original 1948 Series 1 Land Rover. It comes as a ready-to-drive option if you just want to give your kids the gift of a baby electric car, but you can also buy the entire setup piecemeal and build it with them if that’s something you’re interested in. In terms of specs, there are two motors, two batteries, a spare wheel and number plates, along with everything you’d expect to find in a full-size vehicle like forward/reverse gears, speed control, brakes, lights, and a horn. The only thing we don’t love about the Toylander 1 Land Rover miniature replica is the fact that we’re far too big to drive it ourselves.

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