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If you need to get a big group of people out of harm’s way and over and through just about every physical obstacle nature can come up with, the new SHERP The Ark is your ultimate mode of transportation, bar none. The main drive vehicle and companion trailer can transport up to 22 once-worried people over 5-foot obstacles, gaps as large as 6 feet, and climb steep grades up to 40 degrees. It can also manage deep water, sand, rocks, ice, and stuff that will make every other 4×4 blow a gasket trying. The rear section can be customized for heavy equipment, maximum occupancy with jump seats, or even overlanding quarters. The torquey diesel engine is fuel-efficient and powerful, while the drive system can switch from all-wheel to rear-wheel drive. The internal inflation system can manage air pressure through controlled exhaust, and The Ark can continue to operate when some wheels go flat. There’s even a pump to eject water from the cabin when necessary. Shy of an M1 Abrams tank, there might not be a vehicle on earth that can manage what The Ark can, and that war machine can only hold four.

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