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Russell Built Porsche 911 Safari Kit

Russell Built Porsche 911 Safari Kit

It’s hard to believe the Porsche 911 looks and runs equally well in street/track and off-road iterations, though we don’t get to see many of the latter. Russell Built Fabrications just took a 964 Porsche 911 (1989-1994) and transformed it into a rally monster of the best kind. The kit beautifully Frankensteins the 911 by adding two feet of track width, three inches of wheelbase, massive suspension upgrades with 13.5 inches of travel, and an actual weight drop of over 400 pounds. It also boasts Lexan racing windows, a string of hood-mounted LED rally lights, fat Toyo racing rubber, a full roll cage, and fenders big enough for a Hum-vee. The 365-horsepower flat-six engine that drives either two- or four-wheel drive ensures a proper bombing the straights and a tossing of some serious dirt past all who behold one of the best Porsche 911 Safaris on Planet Earth.

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