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NAWA Cafe Racer Hybrid Concept

NAWA Cafe Racer Hybrid Concept

In case you’ve never heard of NAWA Technologies, they’re a French manufacturer that cut their teeth making revolutionary ultracapacitors that offer ten times more power and five times more energy than existing options. It’s a great idea in practice, but how does that benefit us? That’s where the NAWA Racer comes in. This zero-emission cafe race packs a hubless rear-wheel motor and NAWA’s hybrid battery system that combines those same ultracapacitors with a lightweight 9-kWh battery that gives you incredible, 180+ mile range and superbike-style acceleration. Combine those incredible sustained performance specs and ground-breaking technology with design created in cooperation with Envisage Group and you have a recipe for a bike that’s as futuristically stylish as it is fast. The NAWA hybrid bike will officially be unveiled during CES in Las Vegas next January.

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