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MUJI Self-Driving Bus

MUJI Self-Driving Bus

MUJI, the brand best known for home goods with minimal flair, has teamed with Sensible 4, an autonomous vehicle manufacturer, to develop a self-driving bus capable of handling all weather conditions. Gacha is set for launch in 2020 and is designed for the challenging weather in Finland. In fact, it’s the first autonomous bus that can handle all weather conditions, making it far more reliable than other options currently in development. As you can see from the mock-ups, the design is very much MUJI, with a basic black and white paint job, easily visible text, and minimal decorations throughout. While there are no plans to launch the vehicle in the U.S., you can hop on for a ride if you visit the Finnish cities of Espoo, Vantaa, or Hämeenlinna in a couple years.

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