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The 10 Most Anticipated EVs of 2024, According to Search Data


As the world eagerly shifts towards sustainable transportation solutions, the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to surge with innovations and anticipation.

Traditional internal combustion engines (ICEs) are projected to increasingly face stiff competition from their electric counterparts. By one study, EVs are on track to surpass the sale of new combustion fuel vehicles by 2030. This paradigm shift is fueled by advancements in battery technology, coupled with mounting environmental concerns driving consumers towards greener alternatives.

In the United States, a pivotal player in this transition, the EV market has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. Government incentives, coupled with heightened awareness of climate change, have spurred both consumers and automakers to embrace electric mobility. With states like California leading the charge in implementing stringent emission regulations, the stage is set for a revolution in transportation.

Yet the gas vehicle and electric vehicle markets are similar in one way: there are certain models that people are more interested in than others. According to Google search data compiled by automotive industry experts at, the most anticipated EVs of 2024 based on search interest showcases a diverse array of electric vehicles poised to make waves in the market.

Leading the pack is the Volkswagen ID. Buzz, capturing the hearts and searches of enthusiasts with 507.9 million inquiries. Priced at $40,000, this modern incarnation of the iconic VW bus combines nostalgia with cutting-edge technology, earning it the coveted top spot on the list.

Following closely behind is the Ford Explorer EV, generating 4.8 million searches and carrying a price tag of $36,760. Despite its significantly lower search volume compared to the ID. Buzz, the Explorer’s affordability and classic appeal secure its position as a highly anticipated model.

Hyundai’s KONA emerges as a strong contender, claiming the third spot with 3.1 million searches and a starting price of $24,100, making it the most budget-friendly option among the top ten.

Luxury meets electrification with the Acura ZDX, the first all-electric offering from the brand, garnering 2.1 million searches and priced at $60,000. Meanwhile, Kia’s EV9, winner of the SUV of the Year award, garners attention with 2 million searches and a price of $56,395, highlighting the brand’s commitment to affordability in the EV market.

As these highly anticipated EVs prepare to hit the roads, they not only signify the technological advancements in the automotive industry but also underscore the global shift towards sustainability. With consumers increasingly prioritizing eco-conscious options, the transition to electric vehicles marks a pivotal moment in shaping the future of transportation.

  • Volkswagen ID. Buzz ($40,000)

    507,980,070 searches

  • Ford Explorer ($36,760)

    4,868,200 searches

  • Hyundai KONA ($24,100)

    3,105,230 searches

  • Acura ZDX ($60,000)

    2,192,230 searches

  • Kia EV9 ($56,395)

    2,082,440 searches

  • Volkswagen ID.7 ($61,000)

    1,307,730 searches

  • Volvo EX90 ($77,990)

    782,690 searches

  • Porsche Macan EV ($121,036)

    736,080 searches

  • Polestar 3 ($83,900)

    696,840 searches

  • Rivian R1S ($79,800)

    503,270 searches

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