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Infiniti Prototype 10

Infiniti Prototype 10

There’s never a shortage of fantastic and valuable examples of what’s possible in the world of motoring at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Among the almost $400 million worth of the world’s finest cars that were auctioned (thanks for doing the math, Bloomberg) was a new electric concept from Infiniti that, like the Prototype 9 last year, turned some heads with its out-of-this-world design. Appropriately dubbed the Prototype 10, this is a single seat sports car concept that tows the line artistically between the Hart racer from the ’90s, a Hot Wheels car and Val Kilmer’s Batmobile without all the fins. Much like the previous prototype Infiniti brought last year, it’s a clean, forward-thinking design that’s probably best described as retro-future because of the marriage of modern technology and vintage styling. In theory, if this car ever saw production it would be fitted with a powertrain and the latest technology from the newest Nissan Leaf. Seeing as how it’s just a concept at this point, we’ll have to settle for ogling the pictures because it’s unlikely one ever sees road use.

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