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Gold Rezvani Motors Tank SUV

Gold Rezvani Motors Tank SUV

There’s no mistaking a Rezvani Tank for anything else. It’s big, bold, brash, luxurious, and pricey, and it’s not something you drive if you don’t really want to be noticed. The base price is close to $200K, and you can outfit it the way you want, including 1,000 snorting horsepower from a Dodge Demon-sourced supercharged V8, as well as night vision, small arms fire armor plating, FOX off-road suspension, and even electromagnetic pulse protection and bomb-proof flooring. But what about shimmering gold body wrap? Well, that’s what this one has thanks to the custom order by a South Flordia businessman by the name of Kevin Thobias, who just so happens to love all his vehicles that way. Even the interior gets hand-stitched seats with gold thread. How’s that for subtlety?

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