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Fortune Hanebrink

Fortune Hanebrink

There are plenty of products out there that rarely get used for their intended purposes.  (Approximately, how many African Safaris have you taken that Hummer on?) That doesn’t mean, however, that those same products are not totally worth owning for your own selfish enjoyment.  So, while you might not be taking your Fortune Hanebrink out to any frozen tundra’s in the near future, there’s no question it’ll be your new favorite way to get around.  First of all, you’ll be riding on what appears to be the Batpod, and second, it’s designed to go, simply put, anywhere.  The Fortune Hanebrink features tires wider than a star of ABC’s Wife Swap, letting it handle all terrains and conditions you throw at it.  Plus, it’s got an electric engine, so it kind of counteracts the effects of that Hummer (or, at least that’s what you can tell yourself).

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