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Buy A Decommissioned Army Humvee

Buy A Decommissioned Army Humvee

Yes, technically, you can buy a decommissioned Army Humvee for as little as $10,000, but before you stop reading this and start dreaming of amateur Mad Max battles with all of your friends, there are a few things you need to know. Uncle Sam is auctioning off these prized vehicles in a series of auctions on GovPlanet, so you can’t just walk into a dealership and pick one up. They’re supposedly going to be throwing thousands of the decades old behemoths (all in pretty good condition for their age) on the chopping block, but they’re only doing a handful at a time. Oh yeah, and they’re also completely demilitarized (including armor), without title and you can’t get license plates because they’re legally declared “for off-road use only.” Not only that, but you have to declare your intentions for each of the sweet machines to the seller. Now that all that’s out of the way, who wants to be our Gyro Captain?

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