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BMW i Vision Dee

BMW i Vision Dee

Forget everything you know about BMW, both past and present. The i Vision Dee shows us one radical future, and it just debuted at CES 2023. The car stands for Digital Emotional Experience, and that’s made apparent via the color-changing and mood-communicating grille, the talking virtual assistant, full-windshield head-up display, and the driver’s avatar projected on the side glass (hiding from your ex might be a thing of the past?). The styling is far more muted than current BMW designs, and it even points to some heritage cues like the short nose and the forward-canted leading edge. While BMW isn’t saying how much of the i Vision Dee will show up in future models, it’s interesting to see some very radical thinking from the brand that doesn’t come in the form of Kaiju-sized beaver buck teeth.

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