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Two Brass Monkeys Sculptural Puzzles

Two Brass Monkeys Sculptural Puzzles

In case it doesn’t go without saying, we’re huge fans of puzzles…and we’re willing to bet you are, too. As much as we love the traditional printed cardboard variety with a picture that needs re-assembling, we’re far more inclined to tackle the sculptural options like what UK-artists Two Brass Monkeys are building. Each one of their puzzles features a number of brass or stainless steel pieces that need to be assembled, disassembled and/or reassembled in classic paperweight puzzle style to create one of a number of unique display pieces that is as challenging to play with as it is fun to look at. As they put it, “We make puzzles that we have designed and designs by others that we would like to have in our collections.” Whether you opt for the spherical, hexagonal, log-shaped or bolt-based design options, each one of their creations is a delight.

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