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Poler Outdoor Cast Iron Skillet

Poler Outdoor Cast Iron Skillet

It’s pretty much common knowledge that you can cook just about everything in a cast iron skillet. It’s the desert island pan and for good reason. They’re durable, impart awesome flavor, can be transferred directly to the oven and the cleanup is easy. The only real issue–if you can even call it that–was seasoning. It’s not difficult, but it takes time… unless you have this new Poler Cast Iron Skillet. The 12″ skillet comes pre-seasoned and ready to use out of the box. Standard cast iron skillet features like dual pour spouts on the sides and a hefty handle are here, but this one also has a tiny handle opposite the main one for two hands operation and easy pouring. It tips the scales at a sizable 7lbs, but that just means it can also double as a self defense weapon. Dr. Dan demonstrates below:

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