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The Hello Wood Pebble Pods Are Futuristic Pre-fab Office Pods

The Hello Wood Pebble Pods Are Futuristic Pre-fab Office Pods

Hello Wood, born out of an architectural summer camp in 2010, has evolved into a cutting-edge design studio with a penchant for pushing boundaries. In 2013, they transitioned from crafting cabins and public installations to conceptualizing the game-changing Pebble Pod—originally a detached prefab workstation. Anticipating the growing demand for isolated workspaces, Hello Wood’s founders, András Huszár and Dávid Ráday, envisioned a solution just before the pandemic lockdowns hit in 2020.

Enter the internationally acclaimed Pebble Pod, formerly known as WorkStation, a transformative cabin that transcends its humble origins. This 8-square-meter wooden marvel has become a multipurpose haven—think WorkPod, GamePod, GlampingPod—limited only by your imagination. Perfectly soundproof and weather-resistant, these pods serve as versatile spaces, from meeting rooms and playrooms to studios and tranquil retreats. Whether nestled in a back garden, by a lakeshore, or atop an office building, the Pebble Pod offers an insulated interior, adapting seamlessly to seasonal changes. It’s a private escape, bringing you closer to nature with its expansive windows that flood the space with sunlight by day and reveal a star-studded sky by night. Hello Wood has truly redefined the concept of a workstation with the Pebble Pod, inviting us to reimagine our spaces in innovative and unexpected ways.

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