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These Prints Highlight the Soles of Iconic Shoes

These Prints Highlight the Soles of Iconic Shoes

From the tongue on some Reebok Pumps to the red and black uppers of the original Jordans, every iconic shoe has something about it that sticks in your mind. If you’re a sneakerhead, you can name a legendary shoe with just a passing glance. There is one element, however, that is often forgotten, mainly because it’s often hidden from view. Sole Series is a collection of letterpress prints from NOMO, the design studio that did these awesome automobile prints, that highlights the soles of iconic sneakers in minimal, attractive fashion. From adidas Superstars to the aforementioned Jordans, the collection includes some of the most universally beloved sneakers ever created. Each print measures 11″ x 14″, making them perfect for display in an office, bedroom, or in a closet above your collection of kicks.

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