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Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese

Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese

Everyone knows that, from bean dip to bagels and lox to straight up cheese and crackers, there is no substitute for Philadelphia cream cheese. One brick of the stuff has more than a day’s worth of total fat grams, almost a day’s worth of cholesterol and almost one and a half times as many calories as a Big Mac. But when you’re craving something smooth, creamy and cheesy, there’s still no substitute for Philadelphia cream cheese. What started as special edition flavors like sugar and cinnamon, honey pecan, smokey chipotle and smoked salmon has now expanded with bacon. Yes, bacon cream cheese. Let that sink in for a minute. Bacon. Cream cheese. Now you can make: bacon bean dip, bacon bagel with lox, stuffed french toast with bacon cream cheese, bacon cream cheese and crackers, red velvet cupcakes with bacon cream cheese frosting. The list goes on and on. Time to renew that gym membership.

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