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Now’s Your Chance to Own a 19th Century Sea Fort

Now’s Your Chance to Own a 19th Century Sea Fort

For as long as we could remember, we’ve always dreamt of owning a secluded space we could call our own that was filled with all the necessities. As we’ve aged, that dream has evolved from batting cages and laser tag to whiskey bars and five-star dining, but the ultimate ideal remains the same. And that’s where this renovated 19th-century sea fort comes into play. At the turn of the last century, England built a series of sea forts in the Solent strait to defend its southern coast against French invasion, but nothing much happened with those forts after they went largely unused. Two of the three properties were converted intro luxury hotels with all the amenities even your five-year-old self would want, but the last one, the Horse Sand Fort, is still on the market and ready for transformation. For just shy of a million bucks you can lay claim to this almost 100,000 square foot property that was originally four levels and replete with 45 cannons, a well, look-out posts, and anti-aircraft guns. You’re going to need to do most the legwork to turn it into the multi-million dollar boutique getaway that its siblings have become, but the opportunity is there if you have the cash. And who doesn’t want to own their own medieval fortress in the British sea? The current listing price for the Horse Sand Fort property is just under a million bucks, so make sure to secure bid quickly if you’re interested in owning the property.

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