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La Invernada Is a Cabin Designed to Disappear into the Chilean Forest

La Invernada Is a Cabin Designed to Disappear into the Chilean Forest

Now more than ever, we’re all looking for an off-grid escape we can use to simultaneously satiate our wanderlust and satisfy our desire to escape the current world. If you also want to reconnect with nature, there is perhaps no better option than La Invernada, a cabin situated in between a forest and a river in the woodlands of Curicó, Chile. Designed and built by Guillermo Acuña Arquitectos Asociados, this 54-square-meter structure combines aspects of an A-frame cabin with a rounded ceiling, unique transparent construction materials and all the modern amenities you’ve come to expect when it comes to the latest and greatest rental properties. The structure is built out of a combination of Chilean pinewood, flexible polycarbonate and a protective mesh that all come together to create a protective shelter with transparent properties that allow all of the sunlight in and afford it the ability to blend into its surroundings. As designer Guillermo Acuña Arquitectos Asociados (GAAA) tells it, “The project was conceived as an object that doesn’t belong to the site, that can disappear at any moment, and that talks to us of a transitory condition of occupation of the forest. The textile layer takes on the role of tinting the light gold – the colour of the oak leaves in the fall – during the day, and acting as a sacrificial cover in storms, protecting the tent from hooks and branches that could crack the second layer, which protects from the rain.” One thing’s for sure, if the images we’ve seen are any indication, we’d live and work there in a heartbeat.

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