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Original ‘Jumanji’ Board Game

Original ‘Jumanji’ Board Game

The original Jumanji movie–not the recent remakes that are watchable but overall nowhere near as interesting–is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary this year. (We feel old, too.) In honor of that momentous occasion, a group of die hard fans set out to recreate the original, non-video-game version of the game down to the most minute detail and reproduce it for the rest of us to enjoy at home. The box is made of three separate pieces of a carefully selected type of hard wood that is knot-free, milled and hand-finished to movie level specifications before being stained, sanded and varnished to perfection. Each of the tokens is a high-quality 3D print that’s hand-painted and affixed with a neodymium magnet to stick it on the board. No game of Jumanji would be complete without the iconic green eye that displays information and riddles so they included a 7″ TFT display, Raspberry Pi and LiPo battery underneath the board so you get the full game experience. What’s more, they even built in sensors that automatically play the drum music from the two speakers whenever you pick the board up. If we’re being completely honest, this replica is probably better than the prop they used in the movie because it’s fully-functional.

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