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Houseplant Gloopy Candle

Houseplant Gloopy Candle

Seth Rogen’s cannabis lifestyle brand Houseplant continues to offer beautifully designed, high-brow homegoods. Their latest release is a riff on the eye-catching Gloopy Vase, designed by Seth himself. The Gloopy Candle improves upon the playfulness of the previous release and incorporates a lovely fragrance inspired by the warm, earthy scents of California. You can expect a blend of Bergamot, Cyprus, Amber, and Lemon wafting through your home every time you light it. The thirteen ounce Gloopy candle offers 60 hours of burn-time and is sure to be a conversation starter in your home. The Gloopy Candle has been limited to 500 completely unique units and is available now for $150.

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