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Harry’s x Ghostly Glow In the Dark Razor

Harry’s x Ghostly Glow In the Dark Razor

Just in time for Halloween, beloved DTC razor brand Harry’s has teamed up with record label and lifestyle brand Ghostly International on a spooky razor. This limited edition glow-in-the-dark razor is a rework of Harry’s standard Truman handle and includes 1 German-engineered blade cartridge. By day, the light purple handle looks lovely. But, turn off the lights and the handle glows an eerie green!

Harry’s released a limited number of the collaboration razor as an exclusive set and as a standalone razor. The set, which has already sold out, included the razor and a matching razor stand with a QR code etched into the bottom which gives users access to the Harry’s x Ghostly playlist. While the set is no longer available, you can still get yourself the collaborative razor.

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