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Harry’s Debuts the Clear Skin Essentials Bundle

Harry’s Debuts the Clear Skin Essentials Bundle

Harry’s quickly became a household name in the men’s grooming world thanks to clever branding and well-placed ads. You can’t listen to a podcast without hearing Harry’s mentioned. The brand has continued to grow beyond just razors and just debuted a men’s skincare set: the Clear Skin Essentials bundle. Skincare products had largely exclusively targeted women but over the last few years more and more men have taken a more active approach in skincare. Beyond just the occasional aftershave and sunscreen. And, if you’re looking for an entry-level skincare starter set, the Clear Skin Essentials bundle is a great place to start. The kit includes the Exfoliating Face Wash, Freshening Face Toner, and Targeted Blemish Treatment. Use the face wash to remove dirt and oil, the face toner for refreshing hydration, and the blemish treatment for covering up redness or “problem spots.” All three products are cruelty-free and the $23 price tag makes it a great way to kickstart a healthy skincare regimine.

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