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EdgeStar Mini Kegerator

EdgeStar Mini Kegerator

Lethargy runs naturally in the male population. We’re predisposed to sit down on a couch, and when we do, it takes a lot to get us off it (usually sexual relations, alcohol, or a house fire are popular reasons). And speaking of alcohol, sometimes getting up and going to the fridge to re-beer yourself can seem like a hassle. Bringing the sixer out to the living room isn’t ideal either–by the time you’re through with number three, the rest of the pack is coming up on room temperature. EdgeStar’s Mini Kegerator solves this by allowing you to keep your mini-keg of Heineken icy cold, and yet within arms reach, and it uses carbonator pressure technology to deliver a “pub-quality pour”. Wow, just typing that made us thirsty. You know what? We’re heading out for a beer. And then buying one of these. Good day.

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