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Coop Smart Backyard Chicken Coop

Coop Smart Backyard Chicken Coop

While the idea of farm fresh eggs might seem like a distant fantasy, it’s actually a lot more tangible than you might realize. I’m not an expert, but many municipalities allow for residents to have chickens in their backyard. And while they certainly require some care and attention, looking after a few hens isn’t as much of a chore as it might appear. If you’re still not convinced then allow Coop to change your mind. Coop is a modern smart chicken coop built specifically for the backyard. The brand wants to empower folks to be able to care for their own chickens in a thoughtfully-designed, hassle-free way. The Coop is a minimalist chicken coop that’s easy to clean and easier to manage. Features include dual cameras, a remote-controlled automatic door, lockable nesting box, and an app to control it all. Coop is currently accepting pre-orders at an early-bird price of $1,995 with orders expected to ship later this year.

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