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8 White Noise Machines to Help You Get Some Sleep This Year

8 White Noise Machines to Help You Get Some Sleep This Year

One in three Americans doesn’t get enough sleep. That statistic, though somewhat jarring, probably doesn’t shock anyone who reads it. Is sleep important? Absolutely. But does it usually come secondary to our lives’ more immediate daily struggles? Definitely. So, when it comes to getting better quality sleep and more of it, we’re always willing to look at something new.

White noise is a specific type of sound used to block out all the annoying background noises that, in this context, prevent us from falling asleep. Sounds like a dream, right? So, where does white noise come from? Well, from a white noise machine o’course! And today, you’re in luck, because we sifted through a veritable sea of them to bring you the top white noise machines on the market.

Big Red Rooster BRRC107 Sound Machine

If you’re on a budget or just want to see if white noise is something that’ll actually help you, the BRRC107 by Big Red Rooster will run you $20 and includes six sounds—including white noise, specifically—that play seamlessly in the background while you sleep in order to ensure you’re dozing easier and waking up refreshed. If you get bored of white noise or find it unhelpful, you can try out the other sounds, which include rain, a stream, the ocean, thunder, and something called “summer night.” $20

LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for something that can literally fit in the palm of your hand, travel in your briefcase, and deliver the sounds you need for a good night’s rest, the LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker is the end of your search. It can fit damn near anywhere, and features a swivel design to allow you to project any of its ten sleep and relaxation sounds—including five fan sounds, four separate white noise variations, and an ocean sound—anywhere you need it. At the very least, for 32 bucks, you’re getting one of the tiniest Bluetooth speakers we’ve ever seen. $32

Breezy Portable Sleep Machine for Fan Lovers

If you’re a white noise person, there’s a very good chance you’re super, super into fan sounds. If that’s the case, Breezy’s Portable Sleep Machine for Fan Lovers is exactly what you’re been looking for. Its built-in sounds include a box fan with three settings (low, medium, and high), oscillating fan, industrial fan, desktop fan, and A.C. unit, just in case you don’t have any of those in your room already. It also features a 13-hour rechargeable battery, is constructed from high-grade, travel-friendly stainless steel, and can double as a Bluetooth speaker for on-the-spot music streaming with any of your smart devices. $40

HoMedics, SoundSpa Recharged Sound Machine

Yes, we get it—HoMedics probably wasn’t the best name for a company. But, if you can put the comedy of their name aside, the SoundSpa Recharged Sound Machine is an excellent product that looks more like a modern alarm clock than a white noise machine (because it is). It can be plugged in or battery powered for on-the-go use, and comes with eight sounds, including white noise, brook, thunderstorm, rain, fan, ocean, rain forest, and campfire. If you’re looking for form and function (and an integrated smartphone holder!), the HoMedics SoundSpa Recharged Sound Machine is an excellent buy. $46

LectroFan Global Power Edition High Fidelity White Noise Machine

One of the hands-down most popular white noise machines on the market, the LectroFan Global Power Edition High Fidelity White Noise Machine features ten distinct fan sounds, as well as ten ambient noise variations that include everything from white noise, to pink and even brown noise. Ideal for travelers and constant jetsetters, it also features power adapters for use with US, UK, and EU power outlets. $60

SNOOZ White Noise Machine

This white noise machine from SNOOZ is one of our favorites because aside from using a real fan to create live white noise, it’s also fully adjustable (controlled via sleek and intuitive iOS and Android apps) and looks good as it sounds. You won’t be getting anything like “soothing ocean” or “quiet jungle night” tracks with it, but you are getting a real-deal live white noise machine for a very reasonable price. $80

Travel Sleep Sound Machine with Alarm

If you need something that can be packed up and brought along for easy travel, the Travel Sleep Sound Machine with Alarm from the team at Headwaters, Inc. is perfect. Aside from its incredibly compact size, it also features a clock and alarm, voice recording for customized wake-up messages, and 19 sounds—including white noise and a proprietary “Jet Lag Reduction” track—to help you get better sleep. $90

Sound+Sleep SE Special Edition High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine

Perhaps the most comprehensive white noise machine on this list, the SE Special Edition High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine from Sound+Sleep features white noise and 63 other immersive, non-repeating sound environments, as well as Adaptive Sound that listens to and responds to your environment by adjusting its own volume. It also features an intuitive sleep timer that’ll gently reduce volume after a certain amount of time, along with convenient USB and audio input ports, and a headphone jack, so you can charge your other devices, play your own music, or experience a bit of private relaxation wherever you are. $130

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