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8 Vinyl Record Holders More Stylish Than a Milk Crate

8 Vinyl Record Holders More Stylish Than a Milk Crate

Vinyl record sales are still on the rise. It seems everyone from Kendrick Lamar, to Ed Sheeran and Father John Misty are putting their music to wax because they understand not just the value in doing so, but the undeniable market for it. But if you’re picking up all this new vinyl, it means you’ve got to store it somewhere, right? The days of milk crates and warped records are over, friends. Rejoice! Here are 8 Vinyl Holders Far More Attractive than a Milk Crate:

Dovetail Vinyl Storage Cabinets

When we look at our record collection, we see something we’re exceptionally proud of, something that should be on display somewhere. A museum of cool, perhaps? These Dovetail Vinyl Storage Cabinets make milk crates look laughable, while keeping your vinyl organized, safe, and front-and-center for your guests to see. What we love most about them is that you can configure them any way you like—one single cabinet, or one the size of a damn dresser, if you want. They’re also made right here in the USA, from sustainably harvested wood. $1,695

Zina Record Holder

If you’re looking to turn your collection into a home décor statement, the Zina Record Holder is an excellent option because it can be placed on a flat surface and be used there, but it can also hang from a wall anywhere in the house. It’s crafted from metal wire, and each holder is a grand total of 13” X 13” X 3 ¾” . Not only are these things beautifully designed, but they’re durable and incredibly versatile holders. Plus, at 30 a pop, they’re affordable, too. $30

Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack

If the more old pillar-style rack that can fit in tight places (like your tiny-ass studio apartment) is more your speed, the Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack at Urban Outfitters is ideal because it’s clean, classically modern, and made sturdy from iron. The designers gained a lot of their inspiration for this cabinet specifically from the vintage metal storage racks your parents grew up with, which means they definitely bring an air of retro cool to any room they’re in. $59

Lyfstyle Vinyl Record Carrying and Storage Case

For portable storage—whether you spin at your favorite dive’s DJ night or just like knowing you can take your records with you everywhere—this beautiful metal constructed holder by Lyfstyle is pretty perfect. The front of the case unlatches and comes down to reveal the front face of your collection so you can physically see the records you’re looking for. The soft cushioned inner and strong aluminum shell will help keep your vinyl safe wherever you need to be in a hurry, no matter when the occasion arises. $55

Hamilton Wood Media Console

If you’re looking for more than just a record holder, this Media Console by Hamilton is an absolutely gorgeous decision. The massive mid-century-style media console comes with two long shelves, perfect for storing vinyl, as well as a sliding panel to cover or display them. It also features a small upper shelf that’s perfect for storing books or things of the sort. We aren’t sure exactly what kind of wood that is, but we know that reviewers say it’s incredibly well built and looks as good in the photos as it does in real life. $629

Walnut Record Player Stand

This one is almost too painful to list here, but we figured just because we don’t have the money doesn’t mean none of you all don’t have a cool $3,500 lying around and burning a hole in your pockets! That said, this unbelievably attractive piece of handmade furniture is made using gorgeous walnut wood, and it’s built with the record collector in mind every step of the way. The upper shelf is sized specifically to accommodate most modern standard receivers, the lower shelf fits all your favorite vinyls, and even the side draws are sized specifically to accommodate all those awkward 45’s you have lying around. It’s an absolutely gorgeous piece of furniture. $3,500

Vinyl LP Record Storage Display

This handmade record storage and display mount isn’t just incredibly beautiful; it’s also exceptionally functional and made from beautiful, sturdy birch wood. You can get them at varied lengths to accommodate anywhere from 30 to 65 full-sized vinyl albums, and they’re available in several different colors, including Espresso Brown (shown in the photo), Natural White, Black Ink, Dark Grey, and more. We love supporting smaller makers when we can, and this is a perfect opportunity to do that. $39

Modern Vinyl LP Record Storage Display Holder in Walnut

There’s something about this particular holder that we really, really love. Not only is it beautifully designed and handmade using real hardwood-maple, but the design is just so cool and unique that we’re having a hard time wrapping our head around it. It slopes gently upward so that your collection literally “grows” with each new addition, and the stainless steel posts insert directly into tiny pre-drilled stops to help ensure your vinyl doesn’t slip and slide off the mantle, record player stand, table, or wherever else you store your favorite pieces of wax. Modern, functional, chic, and handmade using U.S.-sourced hardwood maple. What more could you possibly ask for? $98