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8 Jars Built to Conceal Your Stash

8 Jars Built to Conceal Your Stash

Every herb smoker needs a good stash jar. Whether you’re rolling tobacco or some of the other stuff, the whole point becomes pointless if what you’re trying to smoke up gets stale, dry, and crusty. Enter: The stash jar. These babies come in all shapes and sizes for all different types of enthusiasts, and we know, maybe even firsthand, how important they are to any at-home hobbyist or serious smoker. If you don’t have one yet, what the hell are you waiting for, man?

Si. Li. Ceramics White Stash Jar

Si. Li. Ceramics is a small boutique ceramics shop based in Bratislava that specializes in handmade porcelain products for everyday use. Their stash jar, if we’re being honest, is a thing of art. Each jar is a one-of-a-kind, one-off high fired porcelain with a cork lid, and features a transparent glossy glaze inside and a matte white glaze outside. Each jar is microwave and dishwasher safe, and all are roughly around 400ml in size. Buy

Killer Acid Pop Top Stash Jar

Killer Acid is the brainchild of Rob Corradetti. We’ve been huge fans of Coradetti’s blend of “head shop and punk rock” style, and when we came across these pop top jars on Etsy, we knew we had to have one. The jars are a collaboration with the team over at 420 Science and include 5 different limited Killer Acid designs, each custom imprinted onto the glass of every jar. The jars themselves are standard machine blown and can hold roughly a quarter ounce of your herb of choice. Each jar is made in the USA. Buy

Kinto Double Lid Stash Canister

One of our personal favorite stash jars, the Double Lid Stash Canister from Kinto uses a two-lid system to ensure that both light and air (and thus, moisture) are kept out of your stash jar, ensuring that your herb (Or spices, if you wanna be a nerd about it) stays dry for as long as you need it to. The stainless steel containers are small and inconspicuous, and come in two sizes: 8.4- and 15.2-ounce. Buy

The BudBox

While some people certainly don’t mind dropping some coin on a quality stash jar, we can empathize with those who don’t see the point. And that’s where The BudBox comes in. These UV resistant black plastic containers come in sizes from one to six ounces, and are airtight, smell proof, and vacuum sealed to ensure your herb stays fresh, dry, and safe wherever you go. It also comes with a cleanable foam padding and extra hard plastic, which means it’s also perfect for storing other more delicate items, like glass tobacco smoking pipes, for instance. And at less than 15 bucks, it’s a great value, too. Buy

Space Case Airtight Stash Container

The Space Case Airtight Stash Container is CNC machined right here in the U.S. from high quality aircraft grade aluminum, and features an airtight seal to ensure whatever you put in it stays fresher longer. It’s also incredibly tiny, measuring just 1.3 inches in diameter, and just 1 inch tall. If you need something tiny for travel purposes, this thing is perfect. Buy

TOKAbranding Stash Jar

Of course, for some of us, discretion isn’t exactly the name of the game. We’re looking for something beautiful, large enough to fit all our her bud, and functional enough to keep it from going stale. For you, we recommend checking out some of TOKAbranding’s beautiful stash jars. Each one features an airtight seal that’s engraved and assembled in Chico, California, using excellent quality birch wood. There are a ton of different designs available, and each is beautiful as the last. Plus, for 11 bucks, you legitimately cannot go wrong. Buy

Hakuna Supply Original Black Storage Box

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing stash fortress, the Original Black Box from Hakuna is an awesome box that pays homage to more simple, modern, and minimalist designs. The bamboo box is 7.25” x 6.125” x 4”, which means you have room for whatever you need, and even includes two dividers that’ll allow you to portion the box into four compartments at your discretion. It also comes with it’s own herb container and four-piece herb grinder (with keef catcher and shovel). It’s not the cheapest option on this list, but it definitely might be best in Bang For Your Buck. Buy

Cloud/Ten Davinci Ascent Hard Case

And if you’re looking for the ultimate carrier out there, there’s nothing that comes close to Cloud/Ten’s Davinci Ascent Hard Case. This airtight, smell proof, odor resistant case features a crush-proof shell to ensure your herb won’t get bashed or abused, and is backed up by supportive foam inserts that’ll keep your goods snug as a bug in a weed box. It also features heavy duty latches and a solid silicone insert around each of the lids to guarantee that all scents and odors stay contained safely within the case. If you’re looking for purpose built stash storage, this is definitely the case for you. Buy

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