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8 Solid Colognes That Will Keep You Smelling Good This Winter

8 Solid Colognes That Will Keep You Smelling Good This Winter

We’re all for a great bottle of spray cologne for a quick spritz after a shower or a workout, but there’s a whole world of solid colognes out there that will change the way you think about your signature scent. Why do you want a solid cologne instead of a spray? For one, they’re not as overpowering because you can be more precise about where you want the scent. They’re not bound by 3-1-1, which makes them easier to travel with. They’re also convenient because they fit in desk drawers, gym bags, dopp kits, and work bags without you having to worry about costly spills. Skip the spray scents and upgrade to one of the 8 best solid colognes out there.

Fixxxer Brand Gunpowder Solid Cologne

Fort Wayne, Indiana based Fixxxer Brand is a decade old outfitter of custom gun parts and accessories that also happens to sell a fantastic variety of solid colognes. Our favorite, Gunpowder, is a natural, solid cologne made with a combination of bergamot, mandarin, evergreen, mint julep, musk, amber, clary sage, beeswax, almond and jojoba oils that goes on light and crisp without being overly fruity or earthy. The cologne is packaged in a traditional metal tin for easy carrying, but also comes with a custom burlap carrying sack for an added layer of protection for the rest of your gear. $13

Bawston & Tucker Aroostook Solid Cologne

When describing Aroostook, Bawston & Tucker say “Imagine the fresh smells of a winding river with touches of sweet citrus & woody tones of bergamot & patchouli,” but most of the Internet agrees that it smells similar to Acqua di Gio. For us, it’s a mix of the two. It’s the smell of enjoying an old-fashioned with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt circa A River Runs Through It that can be liberally re-applied as necessary because of the portable container. $20

Outlaw Soaps The Gambler

If you’re anything like us, you saw “smells like bourbon, tobacco and leather” paired with the vintage-style packaging and you were immediately sold on Outlaw Soaps The Gambler Solid Cologne. The beeswax, grape seed, coco butter and vitamin enriched wax takes a little more effort to get on (think a good, stiff pomade), but the extra work is worth it because you’ll get fragrant coverage for a full day. $22

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne

Fictional male icon Duke Cannon might be a big, burly dude in our minds, but he also likes smelling his best. This is why he prefers solid colognes to “smelling like he was attacked by the perfumed lady at the mall,” which is what normally happens with spray cologne. Duke Cannon Supply Co. Solid Cologne comes in a sturdy 1.5 oz tin and three different scents: Land, Sea and Air. They’re all great options, but we’re partial to the open skies scent of Air because it’s crisp, light and not overpowering. $24

Walton Wood Farm Solid Cologne

Walton Wood Farm is an award-winning family business with a small team of individuals dedicated to creating high-quality products free of harsh ingredients that are made with love. It’s a business you can feel good about supporting that, most importantly, makes one hell of a great line of solid colognes. Whether you prefer the bergamot, lavender and blood orange scents of The Musician or the mandarin, tangerine, cardamom and pepper scents of The Beast, one of the 2.5 oz, wax-based and tin-packaged solid colognes in the Walton Wood Farm line will fit the bill. $36

Fulton & Roark Tybee

Fulton & Roark was born out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with a series of solid colognes that were built to be perfect for every man to integrate into his daily routine. The brand has grown since then, but their commitment to quality and solid colognes hasn’t waned. Each one of their solid colognes uses a combination of oil, wax and fragrance to make you smell better while also making your life easier. For our money, we like the Tybee option with delicate notes of amber, musk, rosewood and cedar wood because it’s clean, complex and atmospheric. $42

Underhill Cologne

Inspired by the smells of traveling in nature, and made with a mix of 14 different ingredients, Underhill Solid Cologne has a complex aroma that blends rosemary, athelas, leather, pipe tobacco, wood species, open air and freshly poured ale to create a deep scent that’s as masculine as it is nuanced. It also doesn’t hurt that the Made in America solid cologne is packed in a cherry wood container with a brass inlay that’s as good looking as the contents are awesomely scented. $60

Le Labo Neroli 36

Neroli–another name for the essence of orange blossom–takes center stage in Le Labo Neroli 36, a fantastic fragrance that’s available as everything from a traditional spray cologne or bar soap to the solid cologne you see here. When you opt for the solid cologne option, you get the bright and refreshing Le Labo Neroli 36 you love infused into an alcohol-free and pthalate/paraben free wax formula that comes in a cool, refillable container that can also be engraved. $92