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6 Shovels That Will Make Snow Your Bitch

6 Shovels That Will Make Snow Your Bitch
There’s nothing sexy about a snow shovel, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth talking about with large dumps of powder constantly on the horizon. The best shovel for snow depends on quite a few different factors like where you live, how much snow you’re clearing, the kind of construction you want and whether or not you have kids to do the heavy lifting for you. Here are some of the best shovels out there that will help you make snow your bitch this winter.
AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel
AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

Lightweight, high-quality aluminum build. Three piece construction for easy disassembly, storage and packing. Total weight just over a pound. It’s easy to see why the AAA 40004 Aluminum Sport Utility shovel is the #1 Best-Selling Snow Shovel on Amazon. It’s great for clearing snow around your ride while also being easy enough to take with you on adventures. If you want a great snow shovel you can also take with you on your adventures, this is it.

Suncast 18
Suncast 18" Snow Shovel / Pusher Combo

We never thought the ergonomic bent handle on the snow shovel was anything worth writing about… until we used one for a season. That same bent handle that looks absurd at first actually makes shoveling or pushing snow all the easier. The Suncast 18″ Snow Shovel / Pusher Combo uses that kind of handle with a ribbed steel core, an 18″ x 12″ blade and a galvanized steel wear strip to let you effectively use the tool for seasons to come.

Snow Joe Shovelution Back-Saving Snow Shovel
Snow Joe Shovelution Back-Saving Snow Shovel

Snow Joe has been innovating in the world of snow relocation for quite a few years, and that’s absolutely apparent with their dual handle Shovelution Back-Saving Snow Shovel design. One hand on the short handle. One hand on the long handle. Once you’re ready to go, the spring-loaded, ergonomic shovel grip reduces back strain by up to 30% and also uses expended energy from throwing snow to reset the shovel for the next load. It’s really quite ingenious.

Garant Yukon 24
Garant Yukon 24" Steel Blade Snow Pusher

Between the D-grip handle, wooden shaft and 24″ steel blade on the snow shovel, the Garant Yukon 24″ Steel Blade Snow Pusher is probably the most reminiscent of a traditional show shovel on this list. The design isn’t really all that effective for scooping and throwing large amounts of snow, but the reinforced steel blade makes pushing snow out of the way or into the street an almost effortless task.

Suncast 22
Suncast 22" Big Scoop Snow Shovel

With a no stick graphite blade that measures 22″ x 28″ x 5″ and an overall length of 60″, the Suncast 22″ Big Scoop Snow Shovel is the best snow shovel for relocating large amounts of snow that you want to use for igloos, snow forts or even a homemade luge course.

The Snowplow 48
The Snowplow 48" Snow Pusher

If you’ve got a big ass driveway or really wide sidewalks you should probably buy a snow blower. But if you want the exercise or a truly green alternative, you won’t find better than The Snowplow 48″ Snow Pusher, because it’s the best snow shovel for big spaces. The lightweight shovel uses an exceptionally durable, impact resistant and non-abrasive polyethylene blade to clear large swathes of snow while also being virtually indestructible and built with rust-proof construction.

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