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8 Pairs of Slippers that Don’t Look Like Your Grandfather’s

8 Pairs of Slippers that Don’t Look Like Your Grandfather’s

Household footwear can be a tricky prospect. Some houses make you take your shoes off, some look at you weird if you do, and others have people wandering around in whatever they want. Whatever you choose is fine, but everything comes with its own pros and cons. You could be the guy who wears regular shoes in the house 24/7, but then you’re tracking outside dirt and debris through the whole house. Wearing only socks leaves your feet open to the tiny hazards we unknowingly encounter on the daily—thumbtacks, broken pieces of Friday night’s beer bottle we missed on a hungover Saturday morning, the lava (duh).

The happy medium between the two is a quality pair of slippers; those simple indoor shoes we slide into when we get out of bed, and leave beside us when we crawl back into it at night. The problem is that getting a good pair is difficult. Knowing the difference between “astute man” and “groggy Sunday morning grandpa” isn’t night and day for some, which is exactly why we’re here.

Glerups Slip-Ons

We loved these guys so much we started selling ‘em. These house slippers are 100% handmade from natural Merino and Gotland wool, which makes them more comfortable than even the most well-worn sneakers and outside shoes. The sole is made from vegetable-tanned leather, which means they’re built to withstand whatever dangers your indoor life can dish out, but look good as hell while doing it. God bless those beautiful Scandinavians. $95

Mahabis Classic

When we talk about style and comfort, the Mahabis Classics are exactly what we’re thinking of. These beautiful slippers feature a comfortable and warm wool lining, but are also light and breathable and come with a cushioned insole for impeccable comfort. Their removable sneaker-like outer sole makes them suitable for outdoor wear, and the collapsible neoprene heel makes it so you can either slip right out of bed and into them, or secure them to your feet for that morning walk to the coffee shop. They sound perfect because they are. $110


We know what you’re thinking: “UGG? Ugh.” But believe it or not, not everyone who wears them drinks pumpkin spice chai mocha frappe-dappa-ciabatta lattes and watches Gossip Girls reruns until their eyes bleed. Their ASCOT men’s slippers are absolutely gorgeous, and feature UGG’s legendary UGGpure wool lining and insole, a beautiful leather outer, and a rubber outsole. UGG’s reputation might be a little weird, but the quality of their slippers speaks for themselves. We promise. $120

Sorel Manawan

Sorel is a footwear company known primarily for their beautiful outdoor and lifestyle boots, but that craftsmanship translates well to their popular Manawan slipper. The Manawan comes high above the ankle and features a suede upper, a wool/acrylic blend lining, a beautiful removable molded footbed, and a durable rubber outsole. The slipper is massively popular with their customers, and while a lot of sizes are sold out right now, everybody restocks eventually. $75

L.L. Bean Handsewn Slippers, Flannel-Lined

You know L.L. Bean for their excellent outdoor gear and legendary Duck Boots, so it shouldn’t shock you at all that these slippers are reputed to be the best slippers ever made. They admittedly run a little small, but that’s the point. They actually mold to the size and shape of your feet. The full-grain leather is supple and soft, and because they feature a cotton flannel lining, they’re great year-round, no matter the temperature. They also feature a full-foam sock liner, which provides ample cushion for your feet. $50

L.L. Bean Wicked Good Leather Lodge Chukkas

A good chukka boot is a hard thing to come by, and when you turn them into a gorgeous-looking slipper, well… Just shut up and take our money. These leather slippers are lined with genuine moisture-wicking Australian shearling that insulates excellently in cold weather, but also won’t make your feet funky when things get warm. The leather upper and rawhide lacing look and feel beautiful, and the molded rubber outsole makes it so these babies can travel outdoors—if you must. Just clean them when you come back inside! $129

Derek Rose Men’s Open-Back Slipper

Sometimes you really have to pull out all the stops, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned about our feet, it’s that they’re worth spending the extra money on. These gorgeous leather and suede open-backs are a minimalists dream. The outsole is lined with suede, which means these slippers are for inside only, but that same soft suede is featured on the inside, where it feels more like a silk pillow than anything else. Simple, beautiful, and high quality as it gets. $195

Minnetonka Double Bottom Fleece

Legendary in their own right, Minnetonkas are some of the best-made moccasins in the world, and they’ve been an American cultural staple since the 1940’s, where they were first sold in roadside gift shops. Today, their slippers are second to none. Their sub-50-dollar price tag makes them super affordable, but what really makes them special is their sole. No fancy rubber outsoles or molded whatever-the-hells here; these slippers are lined with two suede leather bottoms, and feature a comfy fleece lining, and durable suede outer shell. What’s left is a surprisingly comfortable moccasin slipper that’ll look good in any room of your home, can be worn in all weather, and will last incredibly long (and look better as they age!). $50