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8 Incense Burners that Don’t Look Like They’re from Spencer Gifts

8 Incense Burners that Don’t Look Like They’re from Spencer Gifts

We get burning incense popular among kale chip enthusiasts and hot yoga practitioners, and while we certainly try not to be too judge-y when it comes to the vocations of others, we also want to make sure people understand that burning incense is a practice that’s been around far longer than the invention of the yoga mat—in fact, it was popular going far back as ancient Egyptians, who’d often burn combustible bouquets for religious and relaxation purposes. Today, incense is used for a multitude of reasons that range from spiritual and meditation, to aiding sleep and, yes, reducing funky odors. If you’re looking to get into the ancient practice of incense burning, here are some that won’t make you look like a college disc golfer.

Teepee Burner with Pinon Natural Wood Incense

Incense comes in all shapes an sizes, and Pinon incense is native to the foothills of California’s desert mountains, as well as to Arizona and New Mexico. This specific pine-scented incense smells wonderful and is a cultural staple in the region—and has been so for centuries. The burner itself is in the shape of a teepee, traditionally used as shelter by Native Americans and Canadians of the Great Planes. The wood is lit and burnt inside the teepee, which lets smoke out from the smoke flap at the roof. Every aspect of this is made in the USA, by a good an honest company who cares about tradition and quality. $11

ShuangChuang Ceramic Censer Dragon Smoke Backflow Incense Burner

Made specifically for use with cone incense, this burner creates the illusion that the smoke is actually water, flowing into a beautiful lake/pond below. We love it because it’s functional, and a beautiful example of some really clever design work that also perfectly sums up why incense culture is so fascinating. Part art, part incense burner, part history lesson, this incense burner has a little bit of it all. $12

Emi Incense Holder

For a lot of people, burning incense is an experiential thing; it’s something created to help us unwind and relax after a long day spent in a cruel, chaotic, disorganized, and even sometimes ugly world. This beautiful wood and copper burner from Urban Outfitters features a minimalist modern design, and uses just two materials: Solid copper and natural pine wood. You can store all your sticks on one end, and burn them in the holder on the other. If you’re looking for something that will make your happy place look as good as it smells, this is your pick. $16

SAIC Pyramid Incense Burner with Tray

Clean, modern, and beautiful with clean lines and beautiful surface area, this pyramid design incense burner is a collaboration between a 12-student design team out of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). It’s inspired by the mystery surrounding ancient Egypt (where incense burning technically originated!), and as the incense burns, the ash slides down the sides, collecting at the bottom like sand in the bottom tray. The idea is a functional yet soothing reminder that life requires some slowing down every once in a while. $25

Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner

When you think about burning incense, it’s likely your mind heads straight to the old-school bamboo stick incense. Cones, however, are an awesome option because their ashes stay in one spot and they’re very easy to keep lit. This particular burner—aptly named The Krystal Ship—was made to make fans of AMC’s hit TV series Breaking Bad smile from ear to ear. It’s a replica of the RV Walter White and Jesse Pinkman used to manufacture their first batch of crystal meth together in Season 1. The cone is inserted into the “door” of the RV, and the smoke seeps out through the top vent. We love this hysterical and thoughtful way to pay homage to one of our favorite shows. $30

Nystrom Goods Runda Concrete Incense Holder

To us, good products—no matter what they are, from incense burners to automobiles—should be things that meld together beautiful and simplistic design, with durable quality craftsmanship. This solid concrete incense holder from Nystrom Goods is exactly that. Handmade in USA and featuring a scratch-resistant cork base, this incense holder is made from 100% concrete, which means it’s sturdy, solid, and handsome as hell. This one gets a check in every category, even if you’re basically paying 30 bucks for an ashtray. $34

Apotheke Fragrance Brass Incense Stand

As it happens, our taste in incense burners is a lot like our taste in everything else: Less is so, so much more. This beautiful brass holder from Need Supply Co. is the perfect mix of excellent design and clean and easy lines. Made for stick incense, users just put a stick inside the slotted hole, light, and allow the ash to drop into the base of the curved pan. Beautiful, efficient, and beyond clever. $90

Neighborhood Booze Q4 Incense Chamber

An incense burner made from high quality Kaolin clay, which is the stuff that’s used in most traditional Chinese porcelain, shaped into a hand holding up the middle finger, and emblazoned with the words, “HAVE A NICE DAY” on it. We didn’t know we needed this thing until we found it, and boy are we glad we did. It comes in both gloss white and black, and we can absolutely guarantee it’s the kind of centerpiece that’ll bring all your “feng shui” together or however else you want to talk about it. $180