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The Best Ashtrays, From Vintage to Modern

The Best Ashtrays, From Vintage to Modern

The perfect ashtray can complete your home decor. There’s a wide world of ashtrays, from vintage to modern and from timeless ceramic to McDonald’s collectible classic ashtrays. And no modern ashtray conversation is complete without mentioning Houseplant, Seth Rogen’s ashtray brand.

Ashtrays have come a long way from being simple smoking accessories to becoming works of art and statement pieces in their own right. Whether you’re drawn to the nostalgia of vintage ashtrays or prefer the sleek designs of modern options, there is an ashtray out there that fits your style and enhances your space. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-chosen ashtray to elevate your decor and add a touch of sophistication.

When were glass ashtrays invented?

Glass ashtrays have been around since the late 19th Century. Initially simple in design, they evolved into more intricate and decorative pieces as smoking gained popularity. Even today, vintage glass ashtrays are highly sought after by collectors, showcasing their enduring appeal.

What is another name for an ashtray?

Another term for an ashtray is a “cigarette receptacle.” It can also be referred to as an ash receptacle or smoking accessory. Some may simply call it a “smoking tray.” Additionally, the term “cigar ashtray” is commonly used for ashtrays designed specifically for cigars.

What is the meaning of an ashtray?

An ashtray is a small dish or container made of heat-resistant materials like glass, ceramic, or metal. It is used by smokers to dispose of ash and cigarette butts.

Can a Modern Ashtray Be a Statement Piece?

A modern ashtray can definitely make a statement. With unique designs and eye-catching features, modern ashtrays add sophistication and style to any space. Look for ones with interesting shapes, colors, or materials to create a bold statement.

Ceramic ashtrays, in particular, have seen a comeback in modern decor, becoming stylish statement pieces with bold colors and intricate patterns. They not only serve smokers but also enhance any space when used as decorative accents. Ceramic ashtrays offer a timeless and elegant aesthetic, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. With various designs and sizes available, they can be used as functional pieces or decorative accessories. Easy to clean and maintain, ceramic ashtrays ensure long-lasting use and add a touch of beauty to any smoking area.

How to Choose the Perfect Ashtray for Your Space

When choosing an ashtray for your space, consider the size, shape, and material that align with your aesthetic preference. Decide if you need a portable or mountable option, and look for features like a lid or built-in cigarette snuffer for convenience and cleanliness. Also, consider size, easy cleaning, unique designs, and functionality when choosing the perfect ashtray.

The 7 Best Ashtrays You Can Buy Right Now, From Vintage to Modern

Seth Rogen’s Houseplant Ashtrays

Seth Rogen’s Houseplant Ashtrays: A Modern Twist on an Old Habit

Actor Seth Rogen is known for comedies that range from raunchy to thoughtful. You likely know that Rogen is a proponent of cannabis, but you may not know that Rogen is also a handy potter. He’s combined his two side hustles into an appealing collection of ashtrays. Rogen’s ashtray line offers a modern and unique take on an old habit. He even combines ashtrays with other decor items including a kit that includes an ashtray that doubles as a saucer and a corresponding flower vase. With its sleek and minimalist design, this ashtray adds sophistication to any smoking area. Made from high-quality materials, it ensures durability and longevity. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, it combines functionality with style, making it a practical accessory and a conversation starter for smoking enthusiasts.

Seth Rogan’s ashtray design is a perfect example of how ashtrays have become functional art. With unique shapes, vibrant colors, and sleek design, they add a modern touch to any space, reflecting personal style and sophistication. What’s more, they don’t even appear to be ashtrays to the untrained eye.

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McDonald’s Ashtray

McDonald’s Ashtray: A Collectible Classic

The McDonald’s ashtray has a rich history and is highly sought after by collectors. Its design features the iconic logo and color scheme, making it easily recognizable. Authenticity is important when collecting, so it’s essential to know how to identify genuine McDonald’s ashtrays. Certain models hold great value and rarity in the collector’s market. Displaying and caring for your collection properly will ensure its condition and appeal. Despite their penchant for popularity, Mcdonald’s ashtrays can be found on eBay, Etsy, and other online resellers, often for as low as $7.

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Monad concrete ashtray

Monad concrete ashtray

Some ashtrays attempt to be art pieces, while others strive solely for functionality. Monad’s concrete ashtray does both. Combining industrial design with a touch of elegance, Monad’s concrete ashtray offers a unique and versatile addition to any smoking area. Crafted from high-quality concrete, its sleek and minimalist design showcases the perfect balance between form and function. The ashtray’s sturdy construction ensures durability, and it is heavy enough to act as a paperweight so you don’t have to worry about it or its contents being bumped off the table. The smooth finish adds a touch of sophistication.

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SANGFOR Crystal Cigarette Ash Holder

SANGFOR Crystal Cigarette Ash Holder

This ashtray is made of high-quality crystal and has a sleek, modern design. It is perfect for home or office use, and it can also be used as a decorative piece. The ashtray has a wide base to prevent it from tipping over, and it has a built-in ash catcher to keep the ash from spilling out. It’s both vintage ’70s and sleekly modern at the same time.

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X-Value Geometric Silicone Unbreakable Ashtray

X-Value Geometric Silicone Unbreakable Ashtray

The X-Value Geometric Silicone Unbreakable Ashtray is made of durable silicone and won’t shatter if it falls off the edge. It is perfect for outdoor use, as it is resistant to wind and water. The ashtray has a geometric design that is both stylish and functional. It is the type of ashtray that you won’t have to worry about shattering or otherwise needing replacing in a few months.

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Decorative Motorcycle Chain Ashtray

Decorative Motorcycle Chain Ashtray

If ever an ashtray screamed, “Look at how cool and hip I am,” it’s one that incorporates motorcycle parts into its design. This ashtray is made of a real motorcycle chain and is a unique and eye-catching way to dispose of cigarette butts. The ashtray is also very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, just like the bike parked in your garage.

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LAUYOO Vintage Windproof Ashtray with Lid

This vintage ashtray is made of metal and has a classic design that complements other pieces of art in your home, provided your style strays from the contemporary. It is perfect for use outdoors, as it is windproof and has a lid to keep the ash from blowing away. The ashtray also has a built-in ash catcher to keep the ash from spilling out. Plus, it looks super cool–especially if you have a shelf containing other throwbacks–and can be easily disguised in case you store it in a place that isn’t exactly smoker friendly.

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