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The 8 Best Air Purifiers to Keep You Healthy this Winter

The 8 Best Air Purifiers to Keep You Healthy this Winter

The arrival of winter effectively means we’re spending a lot more time indoors than normal. While we’ve stocked up on our list of survival items (Netflix? Check. Comfy slippers? Check. Lots and lots of whiskey? Double check.), one thing we’ve never considered is air quality. Did you know the air inside your house can be anywhere from two to five times more polluted than the air outside? Molds, carbon monoxide, pet dander, pesticides—you’re breathing them in all the time.

That is, unless you have yourself an air purifier. We can’t help rid you of the winter doldrums, but we can help make it healthy as possible. Here are 8 of the best air purifiers to keep you healthy this winter.

Coway Ap-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA and ECO Mode

When it comes to air purifiers, the Coway Ap-1512 is an industry standard because it’s a perfect mix of affordability, power, and efficiency. It features a true HEPA filter (99.97% filtering efficiency rating), and also uses a four-stage filtration system to not just eliminate pollutants and purify air, but also remove odors. One of the Ap-1512’s standout features is its particle sensing technology, which will automatically increase purification if it notices an increase in pollutants, and will turn off automatically to conserve energy if it indicates a drop in pollutants. It’s rated to purify large rooms of over 500 square feet, and unlike many of the other heavy hitters in the industry, it doesn’t look like a computer from the ‘90s. $230

Rowenta PU6020 Intense Pure Air 800-Square Feet Air Purifier

If you’re looking for some heavy bang for your buck, the Rowena PU6020 is your best bet. For less than $300, you’re getting an incredibly powerful and efficient air purifier that can safely and easily purify up to 800 square feet—perfect for an apartment. It offers four levels of filtration, along with a true HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles and impurities as small as .3 microns, including pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and even certain virus bacteria. Most importantly, the PU6020 comes with a NanoCaptur filter that destroys a common human carcinogen found in many household products called formaldehyde, that weird smelling stuff they use to preserve animals in a science lab. $287

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

When it comes to best of the best, everyone from consumers to professional allergists alike recommend the Air MinusA2 from Rabbit. It’s certainly not the least expensive pick on our list, but it may be the best. The BioGS HEPA filtration system offers six states of air purification, it is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (which is a real thing, apparently), and it comes with a custom odor removing filter. The Air MinusA2 has a range of over 815 square feet, and also comes with added bonuses like a 5 year warranty and 24/7 technical support. If you’re looking to make an investment in your air quality, this is it. $600

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover

Affordable, sleek, effective, and most of all, unobtrusive, the Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover is a power-packing air purifier that’s rated to 465 square feet, and is capable of completely circulating air up to five times in one hour. It comes with four air cleaning levels, including Germ, General Clean, Allergen, and Turbo. People who purchase the HPA300 swear by it, and it’s an official Amazon’s Choice item, too. You likely won’t find a better purifier in the sub $200 category. $184

Dyson Pure Cool Link WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier

The hands-down most beautiful selection on this list, the Dyson Pure Cool Link WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier is handy as it sounds. It functions as both a purifier and a fan for year-round use, and features a nighttime mode, sleep timer, easy-to-clean HEPA filter, and 10 variable airspeed settings—yes, ten. As the name suggests, it also works with the Dyson Link app to provide real-time air quality readouts delivered right to your smartphone, as well as to provide you with the ability to control it from anywhere. Oh, and it also works with Amazon Alexa, if that’s your thing. $399

Levoit 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

While the Levoit 3-in-1 Air Purifier won’t be able to take on a whole house, it is the perfect option for anyone looking for room-to-room purification—in the office, the dorm/bedroom, the garage, etc. The Levoit 3-in-1 features a three-stage filtration system (including a True HEPA filter), and is guaranteed to remove 99.97% of dust, pollen, odor, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, and other airborne pollutants. While you won’t get any of the fancy 10-speed fan settings (it comes with three; low, medium, and high), and it certainly isn’t WiFi-enabled, it is super affordable at under 100 bucks, as well as functional, compact, and beautifully designed. If you want healthy on a budget, this is your pick. $66

AeraMax 300 Air Purifier

The AeraMax 300 is super compact, clocking in at 8.1 x 16 x 25.1 inches and just under 13 pounds. But don’t let its tiny stature fool you—it’s rated to purify and deodorize air in anywhere from 300 to 600 square foot spaces. It also features a true HEPA filter with its own proprietary antimicrobial treatment, and a setting specific for cold and flu season that captures and kills the influenza virus. If it sounds like the ideal winter season air purifier, that’s because it is. $199

Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier

The BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier isn’t just a state of the air air purifier and deodorizer; it’s a work of art. The BreatheSmart can purify up to an 1,100 square foot room in less than two hours, and features a HEPA-Pure filter, an automatic sensor, WhisperMax quiet technology, as well as a lifetime warranty. What we most appreciate about BreatheSmart, however, is it’s beautiful design. The BreatheSmart is 100% customizable and features 14 different panel color options to specifically match your home décor. If aesthetic is your middle name, the BreatheSmart was made for you. $480