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The Henson Razor Will Give You the Best Shave Ever

The Henson Razor Will Give You the Best Shave Ever

If you’re anything like us, shaving is more of a chore than an activity we actually enjoy. In addition to being a time-consuming process, you have to deal with nicks/cuts, pulled hairs and expensive cartridges–and that’s all before you consider the environmental impact. Some of those aspects can be dealt with by going old school with a safety razor, but that technology is over a century old. There hasn’t really been a perfect modern razor that combines everything we want in a piece of gear we’re using daily… until now! Enter the Henson Razor.


We’re not even going to deal with the cartridge razor options because everyone knows they’re the worst offenders when it comes to price, sustainability and function, but what about the other “modern safety razors” you’ve no doubt seen or even used before? What makes the Henson razor different from those? [Outside of the fact that it looks a hell of lot more stylish with the angular top and contrasting barrel handle, obviously.] Precision.


Most of the other safety razor options start as cast metal, which cannot be accurately predicted for precision so wiggle room has to be built into the design. Wiggle room is obviously not ideal because it results in a poor shave. Couple that with the fact they leave too much blade exposed and you also have more flex that pulls hair and leads to irritation. The team at Henson knew their razor had to be precise to a level that hadn’t been done before, so they partnered with one of Canada’s top aerospace manufacturers to precision-machine the parts. With previous experience making structural components for the Mars Rover, ISS and low Earth satellite (LEO) programs, they were more than up to the challenge of making what is probably the world’s most accurate razor. And yes, you read that correctly. The Henson Razor is made with the same kinds of processes and tolerances that go into space components. We’re not sure if you need to shave in space, but it’s just one more cool part of the Henson story.

When combined with the unique design, that kind of precision engineering and manufacturing means a consistent blade gap and blade exposure. Less blade exposure means less chatter. Less chatter means less strokes, less irritation, and smoother shave every time. In addition to that, the head is designed to give you the best shaving angle (30 degrees), so you don’t have to worry about holding the blade at precisely the right angle like you do with any other safety razor. Oh yeah, and it has built-in exit channels that prevent clogging with hair or shaving cream, and make it a lot easier to clean. All of these features are built into the all metal construction (machined aerospace grade aluminum and a piece of tungsten) which means the Henson Razor really will last a lifetime.


That lifetime of shaving can’t possibly come cheap, right? With Henson, you couldn’t be more wrong. Henson shares the same ideals we do when it comes to the buy less, but better mentality. No subscriptions. No planned obsolescence. No custom blades. No need to keep buying replacements or expensive blades. The Henson razor works with any standard double edge blade, so you can re-up almost anywhere from the local supermarket to the online store that delivers everything in three days. What’s better than a lifetime of damn good shaves? When it costs about $6 a year, which is less than half the cost of one month of a subscription club or a multi-pack of blade cartridges.


Let’s review. The Henson Razor is impeccably designed and precision machined in Canada (at an aerospace machine shop, no less) out of aerospace grade aluminum for the ideal 30 degree shaving angle and only 27 microns of exposed blade which means you get a perfect shave every single time you use it. That’s reason enough to smash that buy button, but it gets better. There’s less waste and environmental impact and a lifetime of use costs pennies compared to other options. As if that wasn’t enough, you can upgrade your shaving routine with a Henson Razor for just $70. The Henson Razor would still be a bargain at twice the price, but at this price, it’s a no-brainer. What are you waiting for? The best shave ever is waiting for you. Upgrade to Henson today and you could be shaving properly in around 4 days.