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Olfactory NYC Personalized the Fragrance Industry

Olfactory NYC Personalized the Fragrance Industry

Everyone wants a signature scent – something to be remembered by when you walk in (and out of) a room. Now, Olfactory NYC has made it even easier with their custom fragrance program. Utilizing their expertise, they have made the selection process easily. Either by mail with their Explorer Box or visiting their NYC showroom, one first selects from nine core scent groups. Once those are selected, the fragrance is then rounded out to accompanying and complementary notes such as vanilla, cedarwood, coffee, and others. By refining the process along the way, one is able to test what they do and don’t like while not being overwhelmed with options. And last, but not least, you have the option to name and label your own fragrance. The end result is something that is uniquely yours that can be reordered as needed. It’s a unique experience and a great option for getting someone who has everything or just for yourself.

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