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Algae Cooking Club Launches Chef-Grade Algae Oil

Meet your new favorite kitchen staple: Algae Cooking Oil.


Dive into the culinary revolution with Algae Cooking Club’s chef-grade algae oil, the Earth’s purest cooking oil derived from the mother of all plants – Algae. This everything oil, once exclusive to top chefs, is now accessible to curious gourmands and daily cooks alike. Elevate your everyday cooking with its subtle, buttery essence that amplifies flavors and textures, achieving crispy, creamy, flaky, tender, and light results. With an unparalleled Omega-9 purity of 93%, this oil boasts the good fats you want, with 75% less saturated fat than Olive and Avocado oil.

Experience the superior smoke point of 535°F, excelling in high heat without imparting burnt notes. As the ultimate emulsifier, it seamlessly blends ingredients where other oils fall short. Algae Cooking Club’s oil is clean, pure, and certified glyphosate-free – a stark contrast to the often compromised quality of Avocado oils. Embrace culinary curiosity and join the Algae Cooking Club in celebrating the potential of algae as the next ‘it’ culinary ingredient, endorsed by visionary chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park. Not just a culinary delight, Algae Cooking Club’s oil is a planet-smart choice, offering efficiency and sustainability with a microalgae fermentation process that takes just three days. Explore the future of cooking with algae oil. The Algae Cooking Club oil is available as a one-time purchase for $25 a bottle or as a monthly subscription service.