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Web’s Best: Sandwiches from the Grill

Web’s Best: Sandwiches from the Grill

It’s the time of year when your kitchen moves outside. You ditch the stove top and microwave for some delicious flame-licked food off the grill. Normally this includes just steaks and burgers, but it doesn’t have to. Here are some seriously delicious sandwiches you can make up on your Weber.


Grilled Cheese on the Grill

What, you thought grilled cheese was only meant to be cooked up on a nonstick skillet? Take your favorite gooey sandwich to the grill for some delicious char and burnt cheese. Trust us, it works. (Recipe)


Banh Mi Sandwiches on the Grill

If you’ve never had one of these Vietnamese sandwiches, you’re missing out. They’re loaded with a ton of flavors and textures. The marinated pork you’re tossing on the grill is just the start of the epicness. (Recipe)


Bacon, Cheese and Caramelized Onion Sandwiches

Read that name, what’s not to love? The thing is, it gets better. Also included in these ridiculous grilled snacks is a combination of BBQ sauce, maple syrup, and cinnamon. There is some frying involved before you take these out to the grill, but they were too good to pass up. (Recipe)


Chipotle Honey Roasted Peanut Butter and Peach Grilled Sandwich

Bare with us here, we know these sound odd. You’re gonna have to trust us and whip up a few. Somehow this crazy concoction will seriously please your taste buds. (Recipe)


Grilled Cheese Sliders

Did we already have a recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich from the grill on this list? Yes, but just stop and reread the name of this one. Grilled. Cheese. Sliders. By using a baguette and some halloumi cheese you get a totally different taste any way and it’s fantastic. (Recipe)


Grilled Monte Zuma Sandwiches

This sandwich is packed with sweetness, but the salty bacon and smoke from the grill balance it all out. It’s meant for breakfast, but we won’t stop you from chowing down on one with a beer in the evening. (Recipe)


Korean Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

If you’re looking for a sandwich with a kick and are also in the mood for something lighter than a burger, this recipe is right up your alley. (Recipe)


Steak & Potato Barbecued Grilled Cheese

We admit that potato on a sandwich is a bit odd, but this beefy version of a grilled cheese is spot on. It’s like a meal between bread. (Recipe)


Grilled Sandwich with Buffalo Millet and Ranch

Even though there’s no meat in this bad boy, you’re still getting a hefty meal. It’s got loads of flavor from the buffalo millet made with Sriracha among other things, and the creamy homemade ranch sauce is phenomenal. (Recipe)


Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches

Are you going to make a mess of your grill? Yes (that’s probably why it calls for cooking them in a grill pan on the stove), but that mess will be worth it. Really worth it. (Recipe)