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Web’s Best: Recipes With A Fried Egg On Top

Web’s Best: Recipes With A Fried Egg On Top


As a kid, fried eggs simply came with some toast on the side to dunk. It was a delicious meal but not a very involved one. As we’ve grown, we’ve realized there is a whole world of food out there just waiting to be topped with a perfectly fried egg. Want to explore? Here are the Web’s Best: Recipes with a Fried Egg on Top.



There is absolutely zero wrong with this recipe. Zero. Swap the tortillas that nachos are usually composed of and replace them with tater tots along with a fried egg, and, well, that’s glorious. (Recipe)


Aussie Burger with “The Lot”

If you haven’t topped your burger with a fried egg before, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The idea gets supercharged in this recipe. There are a handful of interesting items on the patty – pineapple and pickled beets for example – and it somehow all works. (Recipe)


Herb Waffles with Sausage, Peppers and a Fried Egg

You might not think “waffles” and “savory” really go together, but try this recipe and be prepared to have your mind blown. In a way, this is like a deconstructed omelette atop a Belgian waffle, and it’s delicious. (Recipe)


Pancetta Fried Rice

The only thing better than crushing a takeout container of fried rice is devouring some with an egg on top. The yolk brings the normally dry rice together and tastes delicious with the fried up pancetta. (Recipe)


Country Style Eggs Benedict

We don’t know why we think of Paula Deen when we look at this picture, but we do, and we’re fully prepared to grease our arteries. Will you live through eating it? We have no idea, but, hey, that’s part of the fun! (Recipe)


Roast Beef Hash With Crispy Onions

This recipe, from chef James Babian, reinvents one of our favorite breakfast sides. Crispy onions, roast beef hash, and delicious yolky goodness, what’s not to love?  (Recipe)


White Castle Sliders With Quail Eggs

We’ve got a soft spot in our heart for White Castle sliders. We used to buy Crave Cases like they were going out of style. That said, they don’t exactly scream high-class. That problem has been remedied in this recipe by adding a fancy quail egg. Someone grab us a side of chicken rings. (Recipe)


Egg-In-A-Hole Sandwich

We were only familiar with Eggs-In-A-Hole as a piece of toast with an egg in it, but the sandwich version here is infinitely better. Simple enough to cook up, it’s an impressive dish that doesn’t require much work. (Recipe)


Shrimp and Kale Udon

Forget for a second that this recipe comes from PBS’ Kitchen Explorers. This is serious noodle shit. Not sure if kids will eat it, but we sure will.  (Recipe)


Dutch Baby Pancakes with Eggs & Chorizo

Dutch baby pancakes are not as popular as their better-known sibling . . . regular pancakes. That’s a shame since they happen to be fairly phenomenal. Try this recipe out which includes a nice helping of chorizo and, of course, an egg topping. (Recipe)