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You Can Own Jack Nicholson’s Ax from The Shining

You Can Own Jack Nicholson’s Ax from <em>The Shining</em>

Even if you haven’t seen The Shining, you’ve seen this ax. It’s the one Jack Nicholson puts through the bathroom door when he’s terrorizing Shelley Duvall and just before he delivers his thoroughly terrifying greeting. The ax is housed in its own shadow box, accompanied by a few stills from the film. There’s also a letter from a few of the organizations in the know – NORANK Engineering, Engineers to the Film, Television and Entertainment Industry – dated June 8, 1989, and a certificate of authenticity from seller Gotta Have Rock and Roll confirming the prop’s authenticity. It’s yours if you can scrape together a couple dozen grand in the next few days. Just, if you get it, maybe don’t do any movie-accurate reenactments at home.

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