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The Art of War for Dating

The Art of War for Dating

At the beginning of the day, you’re going to roll over and realize that three 4’s doesn’t really make a 12. As much as you’d like to console yourself about the night before with a beer or five, there are some things that even beer can’t fix. That’s where books come in. Our friend Eric Rogell (you know him better as The Bachelor Guy) deconstructed Sun Tzu’s Art of War and applied it to something much more volatile and violent than war – women. The Art of War for Dating breaks everything (psychology, approach anxiety, etc.) down to man-sized chunks of knowledge that you can apply directly to the situations you get yourself into – even if you aren’t built like The Situation. If all’s fair in love and war, not strategizing (with Rogell’s help of course) is just plain stupid. Because let’s be honest, do you really need to work on your forearms anymore?

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