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OBEY: Supply & Demand 20th Anniversay Edition

OBEY: Supply & Demand 20th Anniversay Edition

HOPE. OBEY. PROGRESS. VOTE. Technically they’re all just words, but when you said them to yourself at least one of them had a mental image of a piece from renowned street artist Shephard Fairey. Now that Fairey has successfully conquered the political art realm – along with clothing, business, drinking, and just about everything else – he’s turning his eyes back to something personal, his book. Again. OBEY: Supply & Demand 20th Anniversary Edition is the Post-Obama version of the ridiculously popular first book chronicling Fairey’s work, life, arrests, and shenanigans. It’s everything you could ever want to know about the man behind one of the most pervasive street art movements ever. And it’s presented in full color, hardcover, deluxe, super awesome form.

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