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How To Beat Up Anybody by Judah Friedlander

How To Beat Up Anybody by Judah Friedlander

If you’ve always wanted to be the guy nobody would dare mess with but you haven’t known just who to turn to for the needed training, you’re in luck.  Five words:  The World Champion Judah Friedlander.  “The mutton chop dude on 30 Rock who’s always wearing a trucker cap?”  Precisely.  Judah Friedlander – the actor, comedian, and self-proclaimed “World Champion” – penned this book to help train you to beat up anybody, assuming you can stop laughing and pay attention.  Sure other karate books can help you handle your own against a few guys on the street, but what can they teach you about defeating groups of ninjas and/or dinosaurs?  Probably nothing.  (Most likely because they’re serious.)

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